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SPLC Retrospect

By Dr. A. H. Krieg | Prof. William A. Jacobson, Asoc. Prof. of Law at Cornell, is very clear about SPLC when he says, “[SPLC]…labels any group that they disagree with as “Racist” or “Hate”. He is exactly correct, but what is far worse is the fact that SPLC only reconciles politically right and conservative individuals and organizations. They have no tracking in their systems for the radical left, communists, socialists, or any of the leftist organizations, who after all are responsible for most anti-social acts of the 20th and 21st Centuries. The fact that SPLC is radical anti-Christian and anti-Western civilization is rarely mentioned anyplace. Unlike SPLC, the American Third Position (A3P) political party is not a litigious organization, so we have simply chosen to expose these charlatans.

Mark Potok, director of SPLC’s so-called “Intelligence Project,” recently designated the Family Research Council as a “Hate Group,” solely based on their support of family values and opposition to homosexual marriage. Well it is queer (i.e. strange) is it not? This by the way is the same man who has designated “the Tea Party”, Sarah Palin, and Pamela Geller of the Atlas Shrugged blog as hate groups/individuals. Potok also designated Public Advocate as a hate group. Mark Clayton is the VP of Public Advocate, and has just won the US Senate nomination on the Democratic ticket in Tennessee. What poor Mr. Clayton did to obtain the ire of SPLC is to date unknown; perhaps he simply did not actively enough support the Zionist cause that Potok so adamantly supports.

All this boogeyman hate against the political right sits well with those in charge at Homeland Security and the “progressives” of the Democratic Student Alliance in the White House. Harper’s Magazine was also right on when they editorialized that the “[SPLC] “is a fraud.” When even ultra liberal Steven Colbert lampoons SPLC as a “Fundraising Hustle”, the jig must almost be up. In an article in the Examiner by Anthony Martin, we learn that Morris Dees, the co-founder and acting head of SPLC, admitted that SPLC does not track or monitor “left wing extremism.” In view of the fact that the entire management of SPLC is Jewish, that’s not at all surprising, especially when one considers that every leftist organization in America is headed up by Jews and their accomplices.

SPLC has clearly stated, “We are not set up to monitor the “Left”. Charles Cooke of the National Review asked SPLC spokesman, “Are you set up to follow the “Occupy Movement,” and was stunned to be told that the spokesperson did not know. This journalist was turned over to SPLC’s intelligence section who told him “we only follow right wing extremists”. Any statements by SPLC executives, or pitch men not withstanding, all this proves that when the FBI, U.S. Marshals, and individual police forces and our military hire SPLC to instruct their personnel on hate and terror, that they are all barking up the wrong tree.

Most terrorist acts of the 21st century have been by the Mossad, Islamic radicals, the political left and lone nut cases; the exact element that Janet Napolitano refuses to identify. That SPLC omits these terrorist acts from its records correctly does not obviate the facts surrounding these horrible events. An even worse state of affairs is the “Lamestream” media’s acceptance of blatant lies, fabrications, misinformation, and leftist Zionist propaganda as fact. Alas, journalists are not what they were a century ago, they are mere prostitutes today. They are lazy and have the tendency to accept any PC (Cultural Marxist) garbage that SPLC produces, without ever checking the source for factual content. In the case of A3P’s Wikipedia account, SPLC has 37 references added to the site. 35 of them are wrong, not related to A3P, or simply inventions of SPLC about A3P.

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