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Systems Functions or Pervasive Republocrat Pronouncements

Dr. A. H. Krieg | Yesterday on April 3rd Mitt Romney made a very telling statement that was overlooked by most. He said, ”If it had not been for Ross Perot, Clinton would not have been elected”. It was a direct attack on A3P American Third Position Party. If there is one thing that terrifies the Republocrats it’s the development of a strong third party to challenge their political monopoly.

Consequentially they have relentlessly turned their attack dog on us. They have through surrogates attacked our Web Sites, personal CV’s of our directors, added misleading and false information to our Wikipedia sites, slandered us as racist, not based on any facts, but simply because we support White people as well as Christians and lastly linked us with people and organizations that we have absolutely nothing to do with. This from a political system one of whose parties has just announced an emotional appeal for African Americans for Obama, could you imagine the outcry of an A3P announcement of Caucasians for Merlin Miller?

As a board member of A3P I have the opportunity to speak with many people relating to America, our party position on issues, and the present state of affairs in America. Without question the most commonly expressed opinion is, “I can’t vote for a third party, Obama could be re-elected” I have heard this more times than I could possibly count, it is the major issue prevalent among the political right. Furthermore it has been part of the landscape for the last five presidential election cycles. It is a specious argument brought to us by the Republocrats; it is not based on fact but a prevailing misnomer. If America does not develop a strong third political party the nation is doomed. A furtherance of the Republocrat system will destroy America by 2016. I, in fact wrote about this 12 years ago in a book titled “July 4th 2016 the Last Independence Day”.

Let me make an educated guess, Romney will be the Republican candidate for the presidency because the RINO’s want him to be the candidate, and after all they are the people with all the money, and that’s what it takes to run a successful campaign. Additionally, Romney has non-descript policies on almost every issue, appears to have no core beliefs, and in the last ten years has been on virtually every side of every issue. He represents the ultimate candidate in that citizens will see in him what they want to see in him. Not really that unlike Obama.

What Is Romney all about? Well, he is about universal government supplied healthcare; after all, Romenycare in Massachusetts is the fundamental foundation for Obamacare. What about the second amendment, here again there is no disenable difference between Obama and Romney, Massachusetts having one of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. On Economic and energy issues we have no idea what his policies might be because he has articulated none, all he has said repeatedly is that he differs from Obama, question being how? More hope and change one might imagine. I’m sorry to bring this up all the time but George Wallace had it right. ”There’s not a dimes worth of difference between them”. Free Trade is another issue and here again the prevailing position of all Republocrats is that free trade is beneficial for America, this regardless of the fact that we have lost over 10 million jobs, 43,000 manufacturing plants and are operating an economy with trade deficits of hundreds of billion of dollars every year. Ross Perot articulated that one with, “The Great sucking sound” which by this time is no longer a sound but a roar.

So in our opinion, the variance between Obama and Romney will at most be minimal. On core issues they are not far apart, issues in which they differ are not of great importance. The fact of the matter being, that both candidates for 2012 are instruments of the system and will do as they are told, the upcoming electoral Punch and Judy show is solely for the entertainment of the voters who will be induced primarily based on false and misleading sound bites to support one of the two puppets. Neither of these political parties have American core beliefs, they are only interested in their party members re-election and their continuation of slopping up the taxpayers provided taxes, something in which they have had an 87% success rate. They stay in power by transferring the wealth of those who labor to those who loaf. As all socialist schemes, this will work, until those who provide, run out of money, at which point the system simply implodes.

The German philosopher Hegel clearly explained this in his Hegelarian Dialectic, which in uncomplicated terms is; in order to force an issue you promote two differing opposing arguments both far to either side. The majority of people will then consider both issues as being extreme and the (System) producer of the two positions will then present a center-produced position, which is the system position. The fact that no considered question has only two possible solutions is of course never brought up. In this manner the system is always successful in achieving their desired outcome.

A3P is decidedly different. We have no corporate donors; we do not take money from labor unions, foundations, bankers or think tanks, we do not operate political slush funds to slander our opponents, we have no professional politicians running for anything. It has been our experience that professional politicians are crooks at best and incompetent in their legislative actions at worst. We are outsiders not subject to the Hegelarian Dialectic; we solely present our own position not influenced by any outside forces.

A3P has produced a book that lists America’s problems and appropriate solutions to those problems. No other American political party has done this. “Our Vision for America” ISBN 078-1-937553-05-0 by Merlin Miller our presidential candidate, which is available from all book sellers, or specifically addressees all the issues that impact us today, and offers many solutions to those very problems. Even if you are a stalwart Republocrat supporter don’t you at least want to see what alternatives we recommend? A small cost of only $10.00 will suppress your curiosity, If you like the book consider getting copies for your friends and relatives, you will by these actions be supporting the American Third Position and helping your children and grandchildren to escape the Republocrats debt machine that is gradually forcing America into bankruptcy and destroying your offspring’s future.

Just one more item. Evidence is now in, that the mainstream media in collusion with the Republican Party RNC is fixing elections nationally. Case in point, South Carolina computes all votes electronically. The following network TV sources, NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, and PBS all reported Romney wins with only 1/3rd of 1% of votes cast at virtually the same time, CNN followed two minutes later. The total number of votes cast at the time of the announced Romney win was 2381 votes. It is mathematically and statistically impossible to predict the outcome of an election with only 0,0321% of the total votes cast. In fact at the time of the first network prediction of a Romney win 0% of votes had been counted. Statistical information for predictions are based on information provided to all news networks by Edison Research. In Iowa 8 precincts were never counted, remarkably all of them were major Ron Paul strongholds. Edison Research provided research for exit polling, and turned the information over to a totally new organization, Voters News Service who is affiliated with Edison Research and works in collusion with AP (Associated Press), which is the news-provider to all the networks. Prior to issuing the bogus results, all vote counting was moved to a secret and undisclosed location. In New Hampshire where no voter ID’s are required, follow up investigations have proven that over 900 dead people voted for Romney. In Maine the counties containing universities that have the largest Ron Paul support were all omitted from the total count. Reasonable information seems to indicate that Ron Paul won at least three states in which the RNC and media rigged counts. The only conclusion possible from this information being that the networks knew in advance who was chosen to win individual primaries and were provided that information by the RNC through surrogate contractors of the RNC. And America is sending her young military people out into the world to get killed teaching the world about democracy!


“Our Vision for America”
ISBN 978-1-937553-05-0 from:
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