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Tag: "anti-white hatred"

Lawrence O’Donnell: “Bachmann’s Voters Are Ignorant Because They’re White”

Posted by P.J. Salvatore | This is actual content on MSNBC. Lawrence O’Donnell doing his best Shocked Olbermann impersonation about the racial makeup of Michele Bachmann’s district, because race is the only thing that matters to progressives such as O’Donnell, apparently.

“What makes those voters so ignorant? Well, for starters, they are whiter than the average district.”

Lawrence O’Donnell is such a breath of fresh air in punditry; whereas most individuals have an inkling of what they’re speaking of when they open their mouths, O’Donnell doesn’t. He fearlessly allows whatever is floating around the fog of his mind to tumble from his mouth with a Shatner-esque delivery. You may think that his pauses are for dramatic effect, nay, it’s O’Donnell’s mind working overtime in an effort to string together a proper sentence before the words escape his lips. Sometimes he’s even successful at it.

If O’Donnell is so worried about voting districts, then perhaps he should ask why certain states are trying desperately to segregate redistrict all the black people into one district by themselves, but that would require an effort beyond that of sitting doe-eyed behind a desk and opining.

White People Are Ignorant

"White people are ignorant."

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Newly Formed South Carolina Chapter of A3P Gets Active

The newly formed South Carolina Chapter of the American Third Position has attended a rally in Columbia, reports A3P organizer Renee Marshall.

At the rally, which was sponsored by the South Carolina Conservative Action Council (SCCAC), Renee and her team of activists distributed hundreds of pieces of A3P literature and networked with the crowd of attendees, who were extremely receptive to the A3P message.

The rally was held on the grounds of the Statehouse of South Carolina, in the exact location where an NAACP-led  Martin Luther King rally took place one month earlier.

“As we discussed the platforms and positions of the the American Third Position with the rally attendees”, stated Renee Marshall, ” we found that we were championed as bearers of a long overdue message:  That our own people deserve to have a political voice.”

Renee continued, “This rally had a duality of purpose.  First, it was held to commemorate the 146th anniversary of the razing of Columbia by General Sherman during the Civil War, which is seen by most white locals as the first brutal attempt by our federal government to suppress the strong white identity in the South.”

“And, second, the rally was held in response to the NAACP’s rally held one month prior.  The intent of the NAACP’s rally was to call for further suppression of white identity and cultural awareness by demanding the state address a string of ‘racial disparities’ and the removal of Confederate Flag from display at a Confederate memorial”, said Renee.

“During the NAACP rally, they covered up the statue of George Washington because it was deemed offensive by the organizers”, said Renee. “And we, as well as the majority of whites in South Carolina, find that unacceptable.  They cannot just ignore our cultural roots.  They, like true Marxists, are employing a bizarre set of double standards; they are doing exactly what they accuse the state and whites of.”

“The A3P in South Carolina is here to gain support and political influence and to promote the concept of ‘Liberty. Sovereignty, and Identity’ fostered by The American Third Position”, concluded Renee Marshall.

The American Third Position is proud to have committed organizers such as Renee Marshall and her team of activist in its ranks who are determined to stand up for the rights of white Americans no matter what politically correct opposition is put in their path.