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Confident Spirit Marks Successful Southern California A3P Meeting

On Saturday, February 5th the A3P’s flagship Southern California unit held the party’s largest meeting to date, providing food, drink, and inspiration for better than sixty local nationalists.

Delivering his message to a diverse crowd ranging from punks to professionals, Chairman Bill Johnson opened the meeting by recounting his latest lobbying efforts and by highlighting how the reception he now encounters differs from that of his last several decades’ activist experience. Chairman Johnson explained that people he knows who only a few years earlier outright rejected his proposals are at least now allowing our perspective a chance to be heard on terms nearing mainstream discourse.

Mr. Johnson concluded by exhorting A3P members and supporters to shine as personal examples of nationalist virtue. He called us to have large and loving families and to teach our children a healthy sense of racial awareness.

The next to speak was Mitch Stevens, an activist from the A3P’s Southern California chapter. Mr. Stevens spoke about the opportunities available to our party through internet broadcasting and other alternative media. He noted a drastic general increase in the popularity of alternative media and stated that our party can develop the capacity to largely circumvent the controlled media by maximizing the use of alternative media sources.

A veteran street-level activist, Mr. Stevens explained the role our internet campaign plays in magnifying the effect of on-the-ground activism. He encouraged members to use the A3P’s online forum to meet one another as a preliminary step toward forming local groups and holding simple activist events.

Third in line was Brian Alexander, another local A3P activist and an expert on third party politics. Prefaced by the notion that “the spirit of resistance is there,” the native Californian then described from experience the hardships families have had to face in order to remain in this area. Recalling the constant cant that there are numerous third parties and that starting another is redundant, Mr. Alexander listed the various state parties with ballot access in California and contrasted their policies with those of the A3P.

Immediately excluding establishment parties and leftist/socialist parties as unappealing to patriotic voters, Mr. Alexander zeroed in on the Libertarians and Constitution Party (AIP) as possessing potential overlap with the A3P.

“The Libertarians can be excluded based upon their proposed immigration policies alone,” asserted Mr. Alexander. “Beside that their ideology disregards the importance of biological relatedness, these people, if given the chance, would flood our country with foreigners, and that is their official policy.”

Mr. Alexander admitted that the Constitution Party, on the other hand, proposes many of the same policies as the A3P, but that they are a reformist party and their solutions are all paper based. Mr. Alexander noted that people make societies, and that insofar as the A3P’s mission is people-based we are that much more grounded in reality than the CP and other parties that dance around fundamental issues.

After a brief intermission, during which party activists and new members and supporters were able to socialize and to use this opportunity to network and plan for the future, the already satisfied audience was treated to another helping in the form of a final speech by historian Mark Weber.

Mr. Weber, a seasoned speaker, was at his best, rousing the crowd and simplifying for his audience complex social phenomena as only a professional historian can. Noting the decline of America’s image in the minds of many foreigners, Mr. Weber reasoned this to be founded in reality and provided examples of cities such as Los Angeles and Detroit as being less than awe inspiring displays of sophistication and might.

Mr. Weber told his audience that the failures of multiculturalism are leaving Americans with a sense of anxiety for the future. Many people, he claimed, do not trust the establishment but have nowhere else to turn. He stressed the importance of A3P style grassroots activism as being necessary to forming effective political opposition movements.

The night concluded with more socializing, both serious and fun, and activists made tentative plans for future events before seeing each other off.