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Ten Inspirational Quotes From Alex Kurtagic’s Speech at 2013 NPI Conference

Continuing in the coverage of the National Policy Institute conference (NPI Conference) that took place over the weekend, Alex Kurtagic’s speech was a worthy encore to his legendary one at the 2011 conference (legendary within Dissident Right circles that is). His speech was the most anticipated one at the conference, even more so than keynote speaker Alain De Benoist.

Kurtagic’s encore speech was titled, The end of the world as we know it. Speaking with a fiery tone, he gave a blistering critique of egalitarianism that was similar to a terrific article he wrote about equality on March 18, 2013 for Alternative Right. Pulling no punches and making no stumbles or “ums” in his brilliantly delivered speech, here are 10 quotes that really stood out:

  1. “Egalitarianism is a force of meaninglessness. Its movements are the most despicable to have ever existed.”
  2. “Egalitarianism must be shown as an evil.”
  3. “Under egalitarianism, rewards are given unfairly.”
  4. “Privilege is alive and well under egalitarianism.”
  5. “Radical egalitarian movements inevitably result in tyranny.”
  6. “Egalitarianism is about power, which is why it creates a culture of corruption.”
  7. “Liberty and equality are incompatible goals.”
  8. “Absolute purity of thought is demanded on equality. We live in a puritanical era.”
  9. “Egalitarianism is a form of vanity, a form of arrogance, masked as humility.”
  10. “Egalitarianism is essentially nihilistic. It embraces everyone and thus becomes meaningful to no one.”

Kurtagic’s combination of sound-bites and detailed arguments was potent. He called out both liberals and conservatives for abiding by the religion of equality/egalitarianism, which he correctly argued is guilty of mass murder and genocide (French Revolution, Bolshevik Revolution, etc).

Alex KurtagicAs he explained, conservative writers think America has veered off course, and that we need a “return” to founding American principles even though those principles are based on the myth that “all men are created equal.” As Kurtagic said at the beginning of his speech, “the rejection of egalitarianism is a moral imperative.” By extension, the rejection of the American creed that “all men are created equal” is also a moral imperative.

As he demolished egalitarianism in every realm from the economic to the social to the political, Kurtagic stressed that there is no room for a traditional worldview if equality is the highest virtue. Thus conservatives cannot embrace equality and hope to achieve their goals. Or as he put it, “when equality is the greatest good, the only road is towards greater equality.” Thus the push for gay marriage, LGBT rights, and everything else conservatives oppose today.

But as he blasted equality to smithereens, he didn’t use fact-based or empirical arguments like many on the Dissident Right (yours truly included) are wont to do. Instead, he deployed the searing force of moral critique, arguing among many other things that egalitarianism comes with an oppressive legal apparatus. This legal apparatus discriminates against Whites and privileges non-whites, leading to displacement of Whites in jobs, housing, schools, and many other services.

Kurtagic also made a surprising argument about race, claiming that “the main reason for the focus on race is that the left has made an issue of it. They’ve dragged us down to the lowest level.” He doesn’t think that we can play the race game and win. It’s a game rigged against us. He doesn’t think we can explicitly stand for ourselves as a race and win.

His reasoning here is that Whites are impervious to moral particularism, a trait that is universal among non-whites. Whites believe that “what is good is good always, regardless of group membership.” In other words, Whites think in moral universalist terms, not in terms of “is it good for White people?” Kurtagic also emphasized that Whites have a natural desire to rise upwards as opposed to merely preserving ourselves as a people. Racial preservation just doesn’t strike a chord with most White people.

I asked Kurtagic the question of how do we convince the layman that us Whites are worth preserving as a unique people, and his answer was two-fold:

  1. People must be instilled with a sense of pride and a realization that they aren’t individual atoms.
  2. Conservationism with a moral element.

I interpret his second answer as something along the lines of convincing Whites to have the same tenacity in conserving themselves as many of them do conserving wild life or rare plants. This sounds awfully similar to the “we must preserve ourselves” argument, but then again, if a unique people loses its desire to preserve itself and/or has that desire stripped from them, than natural selection will do its thing anyway.

As Kurtagic summed up his speech, he made a point for everyone in the room to consider: A critique of egalitarianism will do no good without a replacement. If there is no replacement, than egalitarianism will be the end of the world as we know it.

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