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The Basics of Public Activism

By Youth vs Modernity | In today’s world where the internet is so accessible, many choose to hide behind their screens and do internet activism. While internet activism is effective and helps get to the youth who use it ever increasingly, it just fundamentally is not the same as actually getting out in the public, showing your face, and talking to the people one on one or with a group.

Public ActivismA really important aspect of public activism is that you actually see the person who is giving you the information you are hearing. Online people can pretend to be anything, anyone could be telling you the information you are receiving. You have probably heard this rhetoric a bunch, but it is very vital to understand, especially as an ethnic nationalist. People are more likely to try and deceive you when you are an ethnic nationalist because it is perceived as racist or bigoted and people want to mess with you and make you sound moronic by feeding you misinformation. For these reasons, public activism is vital to any movement. You as an activist can be seen and trusted by the people you are giving information to because they can see your face and they can see that you have confidence and true conviction for what you are talking about. When people see this kind of confidence and conviction, they will want to follow and you will gain members or at least allies.

When going out into the public, it is vital that you DO NOT look intimidating, like trash, or in any way unapproachable. You have to remember that you are representing your movement and how you look defines your movement and its community. Too often we see ethnic nationalist movements dressed up like militants or unprofessionally, showing off their Nazi, Ku Klux Klan, or skinhead tattoos. These are the types of people and organizations that give our community a bad name and a bad look. Though many of the people in these organizations would argue that they are “doing stuff right if they are hated,” but this simply is not true. These people are hated because they look like trash, speak like trash, and throw up their Nazi salutes, yet expect to be respected by even their own community. This is not friendly or approachable and will definitely not attract new members. This is, simply put, degenerate and it has been proven ineffective. If you want to attract new members, you MUST LOOK APPROACHABLE. You should wear a dress shirt and some nice pants, this is an approachable and respectable look. If you have tattoos, cover them, people with tattoos are not widely seen as approachable. But no matter how approachable you look, you will not be effective if you cannot spread the message of your movement in an articulate and intelligent way. If you cannot do this, do not speak on behalf of your organization, you will only make things worse if you sound like a dunce.

Youth today are raised in a world where nearly every social institution has a negative influence on their being. Highschool is largely a liberal waste of time through useless mass teaching and multicultural hogwash. It’s devoid of any spiritual character and everyday useful knowledge, you learn repetition and reiteration.

Now, just getting out and doing activism to spread your organization’s message is not the only great part of activism. One of the best parts of doing activism is camaraderie . You are likely not going to go out alone and do activism all by yourself, which provides you a perfect chance to get to know the people within your organization better. This will allow for you to make new friends, learn more about your movement, teach about your movement, have a great time, and want to do activism more often. It is very important that you have a close bond with the members of your organization, you have to remember that these people are on your side and share your opinions. You cannot be productive as an organization if you cannot get along. You do not even necessarily have to do activism with your own organization, you can do it with any organization within your movement, but you should make sure to do it with a respectable one. This will allow for organizations to work together and be more effective in the end. The comradery is well worth the activism, but make sure that you do not make it a time to hang out with the buddies instead of actually spreading your message. Another thing I find that is a detriment is doing rallies when you only have about thirty or less members. These are ineffective and do not do much for our movement. It would be better to take these thirty people split them up into groups of a couple people and send them around a city putting up fliers and holding signs in a few places. This was you can cover more ground and are way more likely to attract members as more people are likely to have seen your message.

Back on March 21st of this year on international White Man Day, I was able to have my first experience with activism with the National Youth Front. The National Youth Front (NYF) is a “conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of all White people, including their nations and cultures across the globe.” I was able to go to the Bay Area, meet a couple of members and do some basic activism.i was told that I needed to look professional, I had to wear a dress shirt and some new pants. When I met up with them I was greeted with kindness and professionalism, I was bought lunch by the person who organized it, and we were able to get a lot done in the time we had. First thing we did was go to an overpass above a freeway and we held up signs, one read “Defend Your People” and the other read “Anti-Racist is Codeword for Anti-White.” Surprisingly, we received many honks of positivity, however, though there was oddly less of it than expected, we did receive many indecent gestures. After about an hour on the overpass we drove to San Francisco to see a fly-by paid for by the American Freedom Party that read “#WhiteGenocide.” The drive there was one of the best parts of the day, I was able to be educated by the men I was with on our organization, the broader look of our movement, and just stories from their pasts in activism and their experiences as ethnic nationalists. Then we drove over to SJSU campus to hang up flyers that also read “Defend Your People” and put up NFY stickers. Because of how we were dressed, we were able to talk to students and they did not seem the least bit concerned. We were even able to talk to a black student and he was nothing but happy to help us find where we needed to go. After that we hit one more overpass which also got quite a few good honks and our day was over. The day was fun and I have been wanting to do more and more activism ever since

While the internet is great for helping get our message out to the youth, they are not the only people we should be getting at. While we are the future, we are nothing without our people behind us, young and old. Public activism is also a more traditional way of doing things and allows you to connect with people on a broader scale than any simple internet conversation could. If you are truly dedicated and have the ability, getting out in the public and doing activism is a must.

[Source: Youth vs Modernity]

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