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The Hypocritical Oath of Crazy Bernie

By Earl P. Holt III

While campaigning in Las Vegas for his nationalized health care plan, Bernie Sanders — the socialist candidate for President –- suffered a mild heart attack. He was expeditiously admitted to a nearby hospital, received two cardiac “stints,” and released two days later.

In a delicious example of irony – one lost only on Sanders and his clueless supporters — is the fact that Sanders would be dead were it not for America’s PRIVATE system of health care, one that Sanders wants to destroy by nationalizing it.

Sanders has campaigned for decades against private health care, the very system that last week saved his life. He wants to take away everyone else’s access to the kind of care he received by eliminating private health insurance and creating a single, government-funded system.

The fact that his campaign refused to disclose which hospital he was admitted to was clearly done to avoid the embarrassing concession that when Sanders needed care, he opted to go to a PRIVATE hospital. The following day he Tweeted “I’m feeling good. I’m fortunate to have good health care and great doctors and nurses…” He added, “Medicare for All!”

Crazy Bernie’s verbal sleight-of-hand camouflages the fact that his “Medicare for All” plan is not Medicare at all, but really a blueprint for socialized medicine that would eliminate Medicare entirely. A more accurate description would be Medicaid-for all, one that mimics the British National Health System and other European socialized medicine schemes.

The fact that Bernie was immediately admitted to a hospital and received an angioplasty may not sound exceptional to most Americans, but it would astonish many living under the various nationalized health care schemes in Europe and Canada.

For example, the Brits wait an average of more than 55 days for the same treatment, while Canadians needing angioplasty must wait about 11 weeks for treatment. In Norway, Bernie would have waited 39 days, and 42 in Finland.

Like all leftists – especially those belonging to the Tribe — Crazy Bernie wants the goyim (“cattle”) to muddle along under a rationed system of socialist health care, while he continues to receive world-class private health care as a U.S. Senator and multi-millionaire.

Crazy Bernie came to Los Vegas to attend a Medicare-for-All town hall meeting. Ironically, he was unable to attend because he was otherwise indisposed getting his hypocritical life saved by the same system of private medicine care that he wants to destroy.

The only reason Sanders is still around to continue his campaign for socialized medicine is because he was not living under such a system when he became ill.

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