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The Second Half

Dr. A. H. Krieg | This is one possible outcome in the second half of the 21st Century.

My basis for this essay is current history and events. I learned many years ago as a CEO that projecting possible future events based on recent past history is not only necessary, but also imperative, for the well being and continuation of any entity. Based on such projection, I shut down my business “Widder Corporation” in 1986, before probable bankruptcy, which would have been inevitable based on governmental anti-machine-tool measures and national economic and trade policies. The writing as it were, was ingrained in the policies of our American government from 1960 onward, it came to fruition in the late 70’s to become seated into the American psyche by 1982, as “Free Trade” the “Trojan Horse” of the new internationalists. (Multinational corporations) Hopes of corporate survival in the horrific climate of the mid to late 80’s would have been impossible. Numerous of my friends Cosa Corporation, Alina, and others had already failed.

By 1992 the bulk of the American machine tool industry was history, those who remained had either moved their operations overseas, changed to become an importer or assembler of products made in the third world or simply shut their doors. Policies primarily based in Washington through the Department of Commerce (USDC) the International Trade Commission (ITC) and the World Trade Association (WTA), General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, GATT and last, but far from least, the World Trade Organization, (WTO) all spelled out the utter ruination of what was once the worlds leading machine tool industry, America. As I have written extensively on this issue I do not feel it necessary to prove my contention, the proof is in the events within the industry from 1970 to 1990.

Any consideration of how America will fare in the second half of the 21st century must be based on national policies relating to many issues of the 20 or so years spanning 2010 to 2030. While I possess no crystal ball, projecting what may be anticipated in the coming 20 years is no difficult matter. We know what the effects of past policies in various nations were and how they affected societies of those nations; and thus, if we study history are able to project the likelihood of coming events. I suppose that this makes me a futurist. Well, not really, just farsighted. So I will base what I think we might anticipate in the second half of this century based on the occurrences of immediate past history beginning in the 1990 and to 2012 and what proposals are in enactment by our government recently. As I lived through WWII, which, I remember all too well, I will draw some parallels between the time between 1920 and 1950 that evidences much similarity with our present time in history.
Trade polices are important in that they have huge impact on the general welfare of a nation. Free Trade as practiced in the last 30 years has been detrimental to our economy destroying over 10 million manufacturing jobs and shuttering about 44,000 industrial manufacturing plants. This has accelerated our economic decline by producing ever-growing trade deficits, unrealistically high unemployment, along with a dramatic increase in state dependency by its citizens, international trade deficits are now in the hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Add to that congressional and executive spending binges and you have the perfect formula for economic decline. When we then add the empire building wars of conquest in the Middle East we can conclude that finacial collapse is not very far off.

Primary consideration must be directed at policies enacted under the W. Bush and Obama administrations, because both have demonstrated a new and different outlook on America, which was not the case of any previous administrations except perhaps Wilson, and FDR. I should also caution that in my personal opinion the elected presidents of America from Truman forward have been the dupes (marionettes) of a clique’ of billionaire internationalists that have for all that time controlled all presidents. If control failed they were executed (Kennedy) or warned (Reagan) or sidelined after accomplishing many parts of the agenda making him very unpopular, (Carter) dumped (Nixon) or made to look like fools (W. Bush) some like Clinton and Obama served the purpose so well that they are idolized by a fawning media. It is imperative for the reader to understand that in my opinion the entire mainstream media is so firmly seated in the pockets of the internationalist cabal, that any hope of journalistic exposure of this political control is not likely.

This new outlook of which I speak is multiculturalism, internationalism, free trade, one world, single world currency, and a total disregard of the American Republic, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. More exactly it represents the “New World Order” (NWO) words often bandied about but very rarely clarified. NWO is a philosophic internationalist outlook comprising a long string of “isms” and centered upon the elimination of nation states and the replacement of representative government by a bureaucracy, not unlike what has been put in place in Brussels as the EU. It is a managing self-serving bureaucracy that is un-elected, being appointed by local national assemblies, who have no power whatsoever. The elimination of man as an individual, with human rights and replacement of that, by an insect-like centralized an all-consuming world bureaucracy.

So, the question is where are we headed? There are markers, or indicators that exactly give us the answer. In the time since 9-11 many new laws have been issued. They are very telling in indicating our national political direction. Let’s examine what this new issued law allows and their effect on society. But before we do that, we must understand that like in every previous historic instance, these laws were made “for the safety and protection of the people” Previous governments who did that are: Italy under Mussolini, Russia under Lenin/Stalin, Germany under Hitler, Spain under Franco, Portugal under Salazar, China under Mao, and Argentina under Peron. Let me clearly point out that every one of these governments whatever you call them were socialist. Socialism is a failed socio/economic philosophy that has not one single instance of success in application in world history.

Let us also accept that the political left in America believes itself to be morally above the remaining population. They are convinced that their do-gooder concepts and social programs make them “Better People” than the rest of us. It never enters their minds that through their social programs they have enslaved one third of the population to perpetual state welfare, having lost their ability to take care of themselves, this class of citizen has become the elective fodder of the politicians that provide for their welfare. It is the ugly enslavement of humanity to the state that has become the end-all and do-all from cradle to grave. It now encompasses, when combined with government employees, welfare recipients, Social Security, retired military, food stamp recipients of which we now have 47 million and extended to years of payements for unemployment, just under half of our population.

The first law enacted after 9-11 was the American Patriot Act, it was enacted just days after 9-11 having been written many years before. We were told that the “GOVERNMENT” required this law “to protect us”. The first thing that the law did was to remover Habeas Corpus rights from the Constituion. Habeas Corpus means, “You have body” it allows you to face your accuser and protects you from indiscriminate government arrest. The Concept of Haebeas Corpus can be traced back to the Magna Carta of 1215 and has been part of the English-speaking world’s legal system since that date. Then the Patriot Act, the most misnamed law ever enacted struck down the First Amendment, The Fourth Amendment, The Fifth Amendment, the Sixth amendment, The Seventh Amendment, The Eight Amendment, The Ninth amendment and the Tenth Amendment. It guts almost the entire Bill of Rights. This protects no one and nothing, all it does is to make us unsecured in relationship with our Washington bureaucracy. It was the first step closer to a centrally controlled socialist police state. Every socialist dictator in history, from Lenin to Mao did the same sort of thing, always in the name of protecting the people. The Patriot Act was re issued in 2011 by close to unanimous House and Senate majorities.

As a general observation, the centralization of power in Washington has continued unabated for the last 40 years. For someone born in the 30’s who lived through the Communist take over of Russia and all its satellites and the Nazi German takeover of central Europe, these are ominous signs. 1920-38 History is repeating itself in America the new century.

Obama passed HR 374 into law on the 3rd of May 2012. This law makes it a felony for any citizen to express his opinion in opposition to the government of any member thereof, anytime the secret service is present. The law stands in violation of the First Amendment of the Constituion by restricting freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and the right to petition for grievance. Additionally it makes such act a felony that can result in a 12 months prison term for the offender. This has absolutely nothing to do with citizen’s safety; it concerns itself solely with the expansion of bureaucratic state authority and the prevention of opposing opinions, especially at town meetings and political rallies. It was passed for the sole reason of eliminating political opposition to the coming RNC and DNC national conventions.

NDAA sponsored by progressives, McCain (R-AZ) and Levin D-MI) Also passed with only a handful of opposition, in 2012, it eliminates the Posse Comitatus Act (U.S.C. 1385) of 1878 which prohibits the government from using U.S. military for any law enforcement activity. The enacted law also permits “Indefinite Incarceration” “Torture” or the “Execution” of any American citizen on the say so of a secret inquest panel or the word of the president. Obama has already used this authority numerous times. This repealed law was enacted due to the oppressive acts of the Union in “Reconstruction of the South”; it has stood us well for 134 years. It is imperative for the reader to understand that police and military functions are not compatible; Police protect and serve the community while the military kills and destroys.

Homeland Security first run by an inept Judge, Chertoff and then by a loony incompetent ex governor, expanded and centralized scores of agencies under one single controlling authority. Homeland Security is the largest agency of the American goverment employing over 220,000 people. Among their most hated is TSA (“Tyrant Support Administration”) run by Mr. Pistole who is the front agent forcing change on Americans. The population is being conditioned by TSA to accept violation of liberty, individual freedom, personal security and common sense along with the elimination of the guarantees of the Bill of Rights, for the TSA granted security in travel. The fact that any possible brush with terrorism by any citizen is a 3.7 million to one shot remains unreported.

It should also be clearly articulated that the reported success of the FBI in arresting and preventing terrorist attacks on America is totally bogus. Since 9-11 there have been 19 reported major arrests of terrorists in America. The last of these, like all others, was entrapment by the FBI of someone too stupid to realize he was being set up. The announcement by the FBI was “The FBI has arrested another home-grown terrorist and that there has been a spike in home grown terrorism” The man was Moroccan, living in Washington DC illegally without papers and had been here for over ten years. Had Homeland Security done its job there would have been no event. The FBI provided him a non-operative gun, and a non-functioning explosive belt, suggested a target and then arrested him when he appeared. All other terrorist attack arrests were of similar nature. Entrapment is illegal, so convictions have been very sparse.

What I see here is a documented escalating centralized expansion of a Washington bureaucracy, which is being supported by both parties [The Republocrats] because they see in these laws the institutionalization of power in Washington and thereby expanding their empowerment of themselves.

In consideration of future proceedings here in America, we can look at the EU and how they are fairing in Europe. The EU is a huge bureaucracy centered in Brussels, Belgium, of un-elected bureaucrats appointed to their positions by national legislative bodies. They make the rules they make the laws, they control the currency [The Euro], and through their ECB (European Central Bank) they control currencies, interst rates, borrowing, and lending. Individual national input is limited, and partially restricted by rules and enacted statutes by these “Eurocrats”. Thus the concept of Democracy, or Republic, ceased to exist in Europe with the Exception of Switzerland, a confederation that is not an EU member state. The progression of Europe under an all-encompassing centralized bureaucracy indicates to me, a general direction of larger more centralized and citizen unfriendly form of Governance. This is verified in America by the NAFTA agreement which is intended to merge the economies of Canada, America and Mexico into a single trade block, which by the way, was the exact originally planned announcement when the European Coal Union, (ECU) the first step of EU consolidation culminating in the EU. Likewise the Amero to be the North American version of the Euro was also announced in the late 80’s. The NAFTA agreement that consist of two books not sequentially numbered 8 ½” X 11” and volume one 1 ½” thick and vol. 2, 1” thick comprising at least 1,000 pages is the forerunner of this premeditated North American consolidation. Its planned capital is San Antonio Texas.

Another ominous factor is the ever-present Green-Socialists that remain active in the entire Western World with an intended centralization, run by and controlled by Enviro-socialists. The World green movement is controlled and paid for by the same universal internationalists that fund the socialist movements–the Gyoergy Schwartz’s, Michael Gorbachev’s and Rockefeller’s of the World. When socialists had to conclude that socialism had failed everywhere and the public was simply not in a buying mood, they hooked their carriage onto the environmental movement where it has remained for the last four decades. From “A new ice age is coming”, to “Global Warming” to ‘Climate Change” — it’s all BS for socialism and control of private and government property.

All these issues supposedly relating to individual security are almost identical to those used by the numerous socialist dictators aforementioned. In other words they are a barometer indicating political and social direction of our country. The very sad fact however remaining is, that well over 40% of Americans will not believe these facts, or are comfortable in allowing a state controlled security apparatus, to dictate their lives and actions into the 21st century and allowing TSA agents to grovel about in their crotch. None of these things has anything to do with safety, security, and protection of population they deal solely in people control, the eminent requirement for the implementation of a centralized, socialist, bureaucratic state.

There is just one more part of this puzzle the people who plan; more exactly the New World Order has a number of organizations that carry their banner. These are the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) which has about 4,300 mebers based in NYC at the Pratt House on 68th St. an American organization The TC (Trilateral Commission) an offshoot of the CFR, about 340 members an International organization in Europe, Asia and America, and the Bilderbergers a completely international organization of about 300 members, who is at this time meeting in Chantilly, Virginia. . In England and the commonwealth there is the RIIA (Royal Institute on International Affairs) these organizations represent the heart of the NOW.

Into this conundrum we bring America’s military. Ever since the end of WWI, top American military commanders have been political animals. The fact that Eisenhower had a dismal career and was in fact fired by Mac Arthur as a colonel, but then eventually showed up as Allied commander of Europe is just one of many including, Walter Bernard, George Marshal, right on to all the commanders from 1950 forward, most of whom are CFR members, including for the last 30 years, almost the entire military general staff. W. Bush as well as Obama proceeded to fire every military officer who disagreed with the neo-cons on Middle East wars and policy. Today the majority of good soldiers are past history, and politicians with limited or questionable military experience along with politically well connected generals and admirals are in charge, at least so long as they tout the zionist line.

The total takeover of neo-cons of the Obama administration and the fact that Romney’s entourage’ of foreign policy advisors are to a man neo-cons, along with many dual national Israelis, simply seals the case. They control the banking, Insurance and media and now they control the military to boot. They will regardless of who wins the election, control the executive branch of government, and have at least 70 DSA members and 40 Jews in congress, and hugely disproportionate numbers in the Judiciary. Just to support that is HR 4133. “The United States Israeli Enhancement Security Cooperation Act” of 2012, which pledges America to veto any UN resolution critical of Israel. This law was passed with only one opponent Dr. Ron Paul, well, at least one man read the Constitution. This is not good for America. Dual nationals should not be allowed to serve in our government or our military in any leadership capacity and Zionist should not be elected to American legislative office, because they have divided allegiance.

Our Vision for AmeriaBased on the aforementioned information, I believe that America is headed for a socialist centralized multicultural state that will be fully functional directly after the 2016 presidential election. In fact I wrote about this in 2,000, 12 years ago in my book, “July 4th 2016 The Last independence Day. (Hallberg Pub.) . Since then I have written five more books on history and politics, which I am afraid is just more spilt milk. 40% of Americans are illiterate, 40% are steeped in one or the other Republocrat party, 40% don’t care enough to even vote, and half of our population is so dumbed down that they are unable to identify the three branches of goverment and have not read the Constituion or Bill of Rights and that includes our president. For a lecturer on Constitutional law not to know that a statement made by him before congress, came from the Declaration of Independence and attributing it to the Constitution puts a whole new meaning on the word stupid.

There is one slim chance to escape this conundrum; it is American Third Position Party (A3P), the only political party with the ability and people to put an end to this. They have published a book “Our Vision for America” you can get it from or any bookstore.

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