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Time To Wake Up, America!

John Rocker | It’s time! The buzzer has sounded; the tip off has been had; the whistle has blown; and the lineup cards have been exchanged. Wake up, conservatives, the game is passing you by! It’s time to do one of two things: Either take it to the showers or get off your lazy backsides, hit the field and get after somebody.

Little by little, year by year, ever so consistently, conservative ideals and principles are being dismissed in our society. Conservative ideology is being flippantly ignored as if it represents a backwoods ignorant mentality that only existed when people were “uneducated” and not as “progressive” as those who call themselves progressive think they are today. You can almost hear the thought rolling around in the liberal’s skull as he humorously listens to a voice of conservative thought: “Silly conservative. It’s so cute when they say stuff like that.” Other times – rapidly becoming the norm – we witness all-out assaults on conservative principles, ideologies and themes that have made up the very backbone of this great nation for generations. These assaults – largely promulgated by our beloved America-hating mainstream media, specified minority groups, along with an obnoxious array of special-interest factions, everything from NAMBLA to PETA – do nothing but weaken many of our nation’s core values while undermining the unity of the American people. Brother against brother.

Conservative IdealsI don’t know about you, but I’ve had it! This country was not founded and did not rise to become the greatest nation this world has ever known on the back of liberal principles, yet these ideals are forced down our throats daily while conservative ones are exploited as somehow rudimentary and fundamentally archaic. The United States did not become the beacon of hope and freedom around the world through the ideology of rampant undocumented immigration. We have not become the envy of millions across the globe through the mindset of cradle-to-grave governmental dependence. Our Founding Fathers and the generations responsible for constructing this great nation promoted limited government while championing the individual and his ability to succeed. Additionally, the United States has not redefined to the world what prosperity truly is through the promotion and encouragement of dissimilation, corrupt morals, wealth redistribution and ethical values that only exist when convenient. Liberal, like it or not, your ideology and beliefs did not fashion the greatest union this planet has ever seen, but they are slowly but surely fracturing it morally, ethically, fiscally and socially.

From observing daily media outlets, it appears the overwhelming sentiment is that this country is going to hell in a liberal hand basket. To look at the facts, however, one gets a much different perspective. In the 2010 election cycle, for example, the two predominately left-leaning states of Wisconsin and Ohio went Republican in their respective governor’s races. Currently, each state is experiencing strong job growth and declining debt. Additionally, labor unions, which generally have a strong left-leaning base, saw their numbers decline last year to their lowest levels in 70 years. In 2011 union membership fell by a staggering 612,000, signifying that many workers are just not buying into the left-sided union mentality.

On the social side of the coin, most Americans flippantly assume that California is perhaps the most liberal state in the union – yet the “ultraliberal” citizens of that great state strongly supported traditional marriage when it came to a vote on Prop 8. A similar outcome was had in “liberal” Florida in 2008 when the state voted by a 62 percent margin against a referendum condoning gay marriage.

Conservatives, we are not alone. We are the majority. Once upon a time the liberal left fashioned a new word, a new concept if you will, and called it “political correctness.” With media’s assistance in enforcing this self-created policy, leftists have done a relatively good job in keeping the right quiet for many years when it comes to truly speaking our minds and walking on egg shells when we dare to do so. Why does liberal ideology get to define the framework of what is supposedly acceptable or not? When was the last time a liberal thought was labeled “politically incorrect”? It doesn’t exist; yet when a conservative ideal breaches the fictitious barrier, the term is quick to fly, bringing all the hellfire and brimstone the left can muster to squelch thoughts and opinions from the right. It’s not blatant infringement of our freedom to speak, but it’s definitely an attempt at mob-like intimidation designed to draw the same effect.

Enough! The situation with Chick-fil-A spelled it all out using third-grade grammar. It was “politically incorrect” for Dan Cathy to exercise his American right to voice his opinion regarding gay marriage. It was politically “correct,” however, for the left to chastise, harass and verbally abuse a man and his organization with accusations of hatred, bigotry and discrimination. We all saw how the scenario played out when the right was called to defend one of their own. Chick-fil-A had the most profitable day in the company’s history last Wednesday with the organized Appreciation Day. (I don’t think Friday’s “kiss in” went over to well.) [NOTE: Many mayors attacked the Christian Chick-fil-a’s stance regarding gay marriage, but the same mayors did not mention the Muslim and Jewish businesses who oppose same-sex marriage.]

It’s time to get up, right-thinking Americans. Stop cowering and shuddering at the accusation of “political incorrectness” along with the fear of the chastisement that will often ensue. It’s time to re-establish the knowledge that the right IS the majority and restore the principles upon which the greatest nation this world has ever known was founded.

(Printed with permission from the author.)

John Rocker, a Major League Baseball pitcher for six years, is the author of “Scars and Strikes.” After retiring from baseball, Rocker embarked upon a successful career in real estate development.

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Comments (5)

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  1. Rhinosurge says:

    The Stamp Act was a direct tax imposed on the colonies by King George III. This act inevitably led to the American Revolution. Just as the Stamp Act did in 1765, Obamacare should act as a wake-up call. Chief Justice Roberts provides us with a similar call to action.
    Rand Paul

  2. bill says:

    Well , Comments have to be censored.or approved.
    The tendency of approval may end up like in Europe,
    A wrong political opinion may get you a 5 year jail sentence.
    Tha’s what they call Democracy.

  3. bill says:

    The tendency of undermining the European American community in the US is obvious.
    Similar to Europe where Muslims will soon or later be the majority will be adapted here in the US.
    It is a slow poisoning of the European blood in this country.

  4. GlobalMinority says:

    Our founding forefathers learned after YEARS of abuse at the hands of their own government (the British Empire) that playing nice got them more abuse. And until the so-called conservatives wake up and realize this horrible truth than we are doomed to extinction and so goes the nation without a wimper. And think we are going without a whimper.