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Tom Sunic Interviewed By National Front’s Richard Edmonds

Via the National Front | After the National Front 45th Anniversary meeting finished Tom Sunic took time out to be interviewed by nationalist Richard Edmonds about Tom’s political activity in America, his books and some of the philosophical ideas behind them.

Tom Sunic’s remarks on why the A3P Party was started, “ reach out to average Americans, of European ancestry, White Americans, to help them get rid of this complex of guilt, these guilt feelings, and we want them to be proud of their origin…to be culturally aware and to resuscitate their implicit whiteness.”

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  1. A Swain says:

    European Christianity, prior to the 17th century was, to my reckoning, mindful and protective of European cultural superiority which embodied an unwritten understanding beneath which acknowledged implicitly, its White/Mediterranean European racial roots.

    Because Christianity is a universal belief system, all that its enemies had to do was to wait for cracks to appear in the initial religious/political alignment and stability so as to be in a position to exploit the weakness that would inevitably result.

    That exploitation was dependent on successful infiltration.

    The rest as they say, is history.

  2. Mac says:

    I was lucky to hear Tom speak at the NF meeting and it was a very well presented hard hitting speech.Good luck to the A3P

  3. JamesinUSA says:

    Too much has been taken for granted that the only political alternatives have been choosing between the Democratic and Republican Parties.

    What few other alternatives we've had such as the Constitution and Libertarian Parties do have some good ideas, but both ignore the overwhelming forces, or rather special interest, that are operating within all of these, essentially neutralizing their ability to bring about the change necessary to, not only restore what once worked and made our nation great, but that which can advance our nation beyond what's thought possible.

    The A3P will not allow the Leftest and twisted notions of Profiling, Civil Rights, Morality, nor Race, to hamstring our goals. All of these have been designed or redefined to suit only their own agenda. We see the truth for what it is. This is partly why the A3P is unlike the others, and why it will succeed.

  4. Annisisbell says:

    A representative government works if the power is left in the hands of people locally. The federal government has taken to much power into itself.

  5. AlSpeer says:

    Hi, I'm unfamiliar with this party’s exact ideology, so if someone could help me out here, that would be great.

    • American3P says:

      That information can be found on this page… Click Here.

      The party is created to explicitly represent the interests and issues of European Americans. However, anyone can join but they must adhere to the party constitution.

  6. MitchStevens says:

    Guilt is something that for many Whites has turned into apathy. My younger brother, a towhead, does not care about slavery or WW2. But he also doesn't care about much else, either.

    The establishment is not unfamiliar with basic human psychology. They want slaves, like the Romans. Slaves don't feel guilt, as well. They feel nothing.