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Tom Sunic’s Southern California Speaking Tour

AFP Director and Croatian diplomat, Tom Sunic, engaged in a successful speaking tour of Southern California during the latter part of September 2014. On September 19th, Prof. Sunic spoke at the Santa Barbara public library. He spoke on the topic of “The Decline & Fall of Modern Higher Education: From the Maximizing to Minimizing Universal Knowledge (how low can “dumbing down” go?).” The speech was well received and generated no controversy on any level.

Tom Sunic California Speaking TourThen, on Saturday, September 20th, Prof. Sunic spoke at the Institute for Historical Review in Santa Ana, California. Mark Weber, an old friend of Prof. Sunic, introduced him and gave a speech as well. The topic of Tom Sunic’s speech was: 1400 Years of Islamic Imperialism: Real or Surreal Menaces to Europe from the Medieval Caliphates, to the Ottomans at the Gates of Vienna, to the New Islamic Terror and “Voluntary” Invasion-Repopulation of Europe.” The attendees (numbering about 40) were mostly AFP supporters. As a result, the question and answer session went on well into the evening.

On Sunday, September 21st, Tom Sunic spoke at a Jewish (!) community center. The moderator was a white Australian who converted to Judaism, but inexplicably is pro-white and pro-European. The topic was again on Islamic Imperialism. Attendees were from varied backgrounds; several Jews, a vocal woman from Mongolia and White Nationalists. The event went well. They only fall out came from various White Nationalist groups that denounced Tom Sunic for speaking at a Jewish community center.

On Tuesday, September 23rd, Tom Sunic spoke to an over-flow crowd sponsored by the John Birch Society in La Crescenta, CA. His intended topic was From Democracy to Plutocracy; Institutional, Financial and Economic Crisis of the European Union”. The audience, however, would have none of it. Calls from the floor requested that he speak on the pending death of Europe as a result of the immigrant invasion.

Tom thus tailored his speech to their requests and expertly spoke for an hour extemporaneously. His insights were amazing and the audience was held in awe. This event was held at the La Crescenta Sheriff’s Station. We all thought it was a great venue because no one would come to protest a sheriff’s station. Turns out, it was our trickiest location because even though the John Birch Society reserved the meeting room, the deputy in charge took a strong bureaucratic stance stating: “We have the John Birch Society down as showing a video. You can’t have a speech. That is political and we can’t have political groups meet at our Station.” The organizer stressed that the John Birch Society is 100% political and has been using the site for years. After fifteen minutes of discussion whereby the Sheriff deputy was able to show how much power he possessed, he let the throngs standing outside in and the meeting went forward.

On Wednesday, September 24th, Tom Sunic spoke at Orange County: Woman’s Civic Club of Garden Grove. Tom’s speech was sponsored by an anti-immigration group that takes great pains to not be called racist. This was his largest speaking engagement (although most in attendance were senior citizens). Tom spoke on the European immigration crisis and sold almost all his books. He took a hardcore stance that multiculturalism is killing the white race and the issue is not legal or illegal immigration but that non-white immigration is problem.

The entire audience was white except for one new member of the group who was from Mexico. He made comments about how he paid his taxes, was pro-Reagan and that while we must stop illegal immigration legal immigrants (like him) were a very good thing. He spoke of the plight of the poor immigrant who must come to the U.S. to live in the slums of Santa Ana or Anaheim instead of upscale communities. Large numbers of attendees clapped in support of his statements. (He was the only one they clapped for and they clapped to show they weren’t racist). This was after Tom Sunic had just spoken about 40 minutes on how it is the race that matters. One women in he audience then challenged the Mexican’s comments and pointed out that Santa Ana and Anaheim were lovely cities when its denizens were white. Others chimed in in support and the Mexican member slinked out the door.

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