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Towson White Student Union ‘May Day’ Report

By Matthew Heimbach | Yesterday on May First in Washington DC, members of the White Student Union (Towson WSU) went to Lafayette Park to protest communism and to advocate for the blue collar working class. Eight of us took to the streets with signs and flags to advocate against amnesty and communism and in support of the working class.

Our signs had messages such as “Commies are class traitors,” “100+ Million Killed by Communism,” and of course my favorite “Smash Left Wing Scum.” For several hours, we peacefully gathered outside the White House and had dozens of positive conversations with tourists and DC residents. A retired military serviceman actually saluted us after having a brief conversation with us. A mother with her children gave us a thumbs up and encouraged us to keep up the fight. We even had several women from Romania come with tears in their eyes to praise our stand against communism while they told us stories of living under the communist regime and the oppression that they faced at the hands of their government. The police were very friendly and cordial and all WSU members obeyed the requests of the police to attempt to ensure a peaceful afternoon. Two girls who were on a missions trip with their church came to join the WSU on the picket line for a short time and then prayed with us for the souls of our opponents and that the Leftists today would hopefully be peaceful.

Prior to arriving at the White House, the Leftists had stormed a GAP store to steal clothes, assault police officers, and harass the low-paid employees inside. In their minds, the way to fight corporatism somehow means screaming at members of the working class just trying to sell pants and polo shirts. So much for worker solidarity.

As the hundreds of communists began making their way down the street toward us, I had the WSU form a solid line away from the heart of where the Left would be gathering in hopes that trouble or scuffles would not break out. With the Betsy Ross flag flying at our center, held aloft by one of our female members, the jeers from the Left started. The enemies were flying red flags, carrying communist signs, and screaming at the top of their lungs. Like a swarm, they descended upon us to scream, chant, stomp their feet, and then throw bags of urine on us. In retrospect, it is almost humorous that they descended to the level of newborn children who don’t get what they want. The fact that someone opposed their ideology, which has killed over one hundred million people, just seemed to short circuit their brain.

The Leftists obviously have no respect for the rule of law or the Constitution. While I loathe communism, I attempted to respect their right to the First Amendment. As it usually is, the Right-Wing is too polite for our own good. While the Left accused us of being Brownshirt bully boys, they are the ones who resort to terrorist actions to advance their political agenda. None of our members shouted at them, we did not bring a bullhorn to attempt to drown them out, and we actually moved our picket line down the street to be able to give the Left plenty of room to protest in front of the White House. All we wanted was to be able to provide a counterargument. The Reds began jeering anti-white racial slurs, encouraging others to kill us, and advocating that we kill ourselves, “just like your leader.” They continued arguing that we were Fascists or Nazis or both, but when asked what those ideologies actually were, they were silent. Like a trained parrot who only knows a few stock phrases, they repeated the same chants and slogans over and over again with devotion but little intellectual substance. When I began to pray for the Leftists and told them I forgive them, they began defaming Christ and the Church. Putting flags in our faces, giving us the finger, cursing, and spitting on us was as close as they came to being scholars on May Day.

A black anarchist started the first of several physical confrontations of the day by grabbing my tactical Gadsden flag, attempting to light it on fire, and then ripping the patriotic symbol off the flag pole. The Gadsden flag was called “imperialist” and “evil” by the communists, just as the Betsy Ross was referred to by the mob. These people have no love for our nation, our heritage, or the symbols that our ancestors fought under. Not a single patriotic flag was flown by the Reds yesterday, but dozens of Red flags and communist banners filled the Washington sky. The Reds have no respect for private property and decided that thievery was the proper way to handle disagreeing with what my flag represented. When myself and several WSU members attempted to retrieve the flag, the communists began assaulting us with punches and kicks. We defended ourselves until the police broke up the two lines. Minutes later, the Reds launched another assault to take our flags and harm our members. Police came again to separate our two sides and moved us back another few yards while trying to contain the unruly mob. The third conflict came when Reds attempted to take the flag of St. George and the flag of the nation of South Africa before the communist takeover and subsequent genocide of the Afrikaner people. With shouts and cowardly attacks, the Reds stole our two flags and began burning the flag of South Africa while stomping on the Christian symbol of St. George. One black communist attempted to steal the Confederate battle flag and the melee began. To protect the women in our organization and to retake the heroic symbol of our people, the men of the WSU charged to defend life and property. Maryland League of the South Vice Chairman Shane Long fought heroically until he was dragged to the ground by Leftists, as myself, Scott Terry, and other male members fought to defend our fallen comrade. Myself and Mr. Terry recovered the battle flag as hordes of policemen broke up the melee. Mr. Long suffered bruised ribs and the rest of us suffered scrapes and scratches from battling off the Reds. The Left thought that fighting like a gentleman was kicking Mr. Long when he was down and attempting to attack our female members with several shouting, “We’ll rape you Nazi bitches.” The police then decided to clear the street and to break up the May Day protest. With eight people, the WSU was able to face off against 400 militant communists and anarchists, and we were the last ones to leave the street. Raising the battle flag high, our entire line began to sing Dixie as one of the Leftists was carried off into a police wagon because of assaulting a police officer. I led a final chant of “Whose streets?” to which the WSU replied with gusto, “OUR STREETS!” The Leftists flipped us off and shouted at us, but it soon became evident that they knew that had suffered a defeat. Their singing of “Solidarity Forever” seemed hollow as the police finished clearing the street. As we marched into the night, I saw a look at our future, the enemy may currently outnumber us, but they are paper tigers. Through holding our line, staying strong to our values, and never retreating, we have won the day. No surrender comrades, our people depend on us.

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Comments (6)

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  1. John says:

    If you want to beat these guys, the have the same 8 guys come out and have another 100 scattered all over. When the reds come up and start their theatrics, have our 100 converge onto the scene and begin chants that drowns them out. They will retreat when the odds are even. Suggested chants: Brainwashed! Hey you, you're confused! Commi Suckers! We will (clap hands 3 times) free you (clap hands another 3 times).

  2. Kevin says:

    Go Matt! Way to stand up to the PC nazis at Towson and in the controlled media

  3. Jason Cross says:

    Great work, Matt and Shane and everyone! You guys stood like a stone wall! These reds are just the same retreaded deadenders. They have NO POWER. You guys will be long remembered because you showed everyone how easy it is to stand up to the anti-american herd! If only a few hundred of us nationwide follow your example, we'll send them running back to their basements! If we Americans nowadays stood our ground like you with even 1/10th the grit and guts of our forefathers, we would have no worries at all. When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Victory is ours for the taking!

    • HJ11 says:

      I would submit that while that Star Wars Bar looking bunch of slack-jawed creeps may, in fact, be "reds," and "anti-american" that the most important identity that they have is that they are anti-White and are therefore genocidists.

      It seems to me that the best way to win against them, while gaining traction in the public mind, and conquering the high moral ground, is to focus on their sick and twisted dreams of wiping out Whites. And, in this regard, the best name to call them, for a variety of reasons, is genocidists, rather than reds or anti-Americans.

      And, just to be clear, from a PR standpoint, "genocidist," may have a better ring to it than "anti-White," although this latter term, while correct, may be used in some contexts.

  4. HJ11 says:

    Good work by these folks. However, I think Whites who stage these protests and public street events need to up the tactics to be even more effective.

    For example, in the above event, the 8 Whites might have started a group chant: "Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Genocidists Have to Go! The chant should be repeated over and over and not be changed.

    At the very least, the above chant would have attracted some news reporters who would ask about the claim of genocide. At that point, all questions should be directed to the spokesperson for the group who looks friendly, who can think on his or her feet, and who can give some sound bite facts to the reporter. Remember, if the reporter takes ten minutes of film, you may only see 30 seconds of it on TV–so, every answer must serve our cause and no answer must concede anything to the other side; or that weak answer may be the one that shows up on TV.