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Trial Run for Martial Law?

The Boston Marathon is a trial run for the imposition of martial law in the United States. There was absolutely no necessity for such imposition to catch two alleged perpetrators. The imposition was to test whether the citizens of Boston would tolerate it – and they did. No one knows yet whether the alleged perpetrators are the actual perpetrators or merely the “Batman” fall guys. What is clear is that a constant atmosphere of fear is being promoted – to get Americans to acquiesce in a police state. Any government that wanted to stampede its own population would do exactly what the U.S. government is doing – arrange for one concocted incident after another to promote gun control, martial law label any opposition as “unpatriotic”.

When one reviews these incidents, the usual pattern is that the all the facts don’t fit. The facts that do not fit 09/11 are voluminous. The Colorado “Batman” shooting very obviously was perpetrated by two well-armed gunmen while the alleged perpetrator sat in a car outside, while under the influence of a drug that caused absolute amnesia. The Sandy Hook shootings could hardly have been perpetrated by Adam Lanza acting alone. No one was allowed to view the bodies after the shootings and the medical examiner has remained very, very silent. And now, we have the Boston Marathon massacre. Just how did the alleged perpetrators manage to plant the bombs under the hypersensitive eyes of the police? More questions shall emerge as the official narrative comes under scrutiny.

We may expect more and more such incidents in the coming months. They shall continue, one after another, until the public cries: “Enough! Protect us from this ‘menace within.’” Guns will be confiscated and martial law shall be declared. The internet either will be shut down or placed under government supervision. Questioning or doubting the official story shall become a crime. The right to publish contrary accounts on the internet shall be taken away. The impending collapse of the U.S. economy shall accelerate the process under the pretense of combatting “national emergency”. It is coming – and the horrible reality is not far off.

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