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Trump Holds Alabama Rally for DC ‘Swamp Creature’ Luther Strange

President Donald Trump will hold a rally for D.C. establishment Senator Luther Strange tonight in Alabama even though Alabama voters who still support Trump have said grassroots conservative Senate candidate Roy Moore is the candidate who is more aligned with the agenda that got Trump elected to the White House.

Last night, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the original North Star of the modern economic nationalist movement and whose indictment of the bipartisan permanent political class laid the groundwork for a candidate like Trump to shock the world, said that a vote for Moore is not a vote against Trump but rather a vote for the “people’s agenda” that got Trump elected in the first place.

“We’re sending Trump someone who has our back — not Mitch McConnell’s,” Palin said. “Make no mistake: Big Luther is Mitch McConnell’s guy.”

Palin also said that if Moore wins on Tuesday, his victory will inspire other grassroots candidates across the country to challenge “their own Swamp creatures.”

Perhaps that is why the D.C. establishment reportedly begged Trump to come to Alabama to rally for Strange even though “Trumpland” is on board with Moore. Trump’s support for Strange, especially when one considers the agenda that got Trump elected in the first place, may cause people in Alabama to scratch their heads like they did when Alabama hired Mike Price to coach its football team last decade.

And if Moore wins on Tuesday, Trump may get a rude awakening and realize that maybe it is not the best idea for the Democrats and globalists in his White House to block him from reading articles from conservative news outlets.

Trump’s rally was originally scheduled for Saturday, but it may have been moved up to Friday evening after his oh-so-savvy advisers may have finally realized that not even Trump would command the attention of Alabama voters on Saturday when they are thinking about what is going on in Vanderbilt and Missouri.

Hours before the rally, Trump’s Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson released a statement praising Judge Moore.

“Judge Moore is a fine man of proven character and integrity, who I have come to respect over the years. I was delighted to hear he is running for the US Senate. He is truly someone who reflects the Judeo-Christian values that were so important to the establishment of our country. It is these values that we must return to in order to make America great again. I wish him well and hope everyone will make sure they vote on Tuesday,” Carson said.

The GOP Alabama Senate runoff is on Tuesday. Moore is leading in every poll leading up to the runoff.

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