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U.N. Election Observers – Why Don’t These People Have To Show ID To Vote?

Washington DC | Who re-elected Barack Obama? Who stepped into the booths around the country and pulled the lever for the incumbent, giving him the margin of victory many had predicted Gov. Romney would receive?

We can’t say for sure because three out of the four most prominent swing states — OH, PA, and FL – did not require voters to show a photo ID to vote. (The fourth most prominent, which did require photo ID, was VA.)

Think about it: In America, where the most powerful man in the world is elected every four years, you can walk into a polling place and cast a vote without truly identifying yourself. Sure, you have to give them a name, but you don’t have to give a photo ID to substantiate it.

This enables an Islamist who wants to continue to see our military weakened to cross in from Mexico, show up at a voting booth in Florida, give his name as John Smith and help swing that election to the .5% margin of victory for Obama. Or it allows any number of the 1,000,000 illegal immigrants Obama gave de facto amnesty to earlier this year to walk into voting booths in Ohio and provide names and fake address and then vote to give Obama the 1.9% margin of victory with which he carried that state.

Same thing in Pennsylvania.

In fact, perhaps you’ll remember that when Pennsylvania’s voter ID law was being challenged, and was eventually overturned, Obama surrogates were saying aloud: “If the voter ID law is allowed to stand in Pennsylvania we are in trouble.”

What does that say for the men and women who elected Obama? That their votes would have been in jeopardy had they been required to show a voter ID?

But never fear, the requirements for a photo ID to vote were struck down not only in PA, but also in OH, and FL through one means or another.

So the question remains: Who re-elected Barack Obama?

The U.N. poll observers have no idea. They would only say they were shocked to see that the requirement of a photo ID isn’t a standard requirement at voting locations throughout the id to vote

[With permission from AWR Hawkins.]

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  1. Help says:

    The A3P needs to gain support from white Democrats just as much as from Republicans so that the party can be a real representation of white people in this country.

    Despite racism against whites promoted by the Democrats some 39% of our people still went and voted for a president that has a Justice Department not interested in protecting white voter civil rights or file any action against the Black Panthers who intimidated voters. I am not saying that they should have voted for Romney, but these white Democrats need to understand the consequences of inaction or voting for the status quo when their rights are being denied and the people their voting for are bringing people into their wings that are fiercely against you.

    • Joseph says:

      This is a point we seem to be overlooking. While there's no hope for the "progressives", the Blue-Dog democrats can be persuaded and should be. a number of Democrats are concerned with immigration and outsourcing; they simply don't see the GOP doing anything about it, or caring to save their job. These people can be reached.

  2. Guest says:

    Virginia does not require photo ID. Repeat: It does not. It gladly accepts photo ID but it is by no means required. Go to the state web site and you will see four or five photos of men or women holding a sign with large lettering like 'Use your utility bill" (Well, a man from Guatemala or a woman working here who is a citizen from Jamaica can do this, right?) A woman holds a sign saying "Use your Pay Stub/Voucher" A bank statement NLT 30 days old. There is a list of about 14 items that are allowed with a lot of wiggle room on what government ID (does not specify what level(s) of government.) means. School ID is permitted. A U.S. passport can be used. This is problematic because a passport does not tie the bearer to a state, county, city. It does not. There is no address data in a U.S. passport. Lots of room to cheat here. It would not all be hard to forge a utility bill or pay voucher, even a community college ID.

  3. Ade says:

    A new monetary system might help too, one they can't control.

  4. John says:

    I question how helpful it is to our cause to insist that conservatives would have won the election but it was stolen from us. There's no need for a paranoid fantasy in order to rationalize the fact that Obama is in power. Our sad state right now has more to do with the lack of a candidate who truly stands for white interests and who is against immigration. Also, it's not Islamists and illegal aliens who are keeping Obama in office. Have you noticed that there is a mass of peopel of all nationalities and ethnicities (including white) who are beholden to Obama not because of what he does or what he stands for but simply because he is the champion of the multicultural mentality that has wrecked this country. We don't need to charge voter fraud here. The cause is much more fundamental and much more complex. Stop taking the easy way out.

    • American3P says:

      What folks need to do is support the American Third Position. The only party that advocates for European American interests and values.

      • Help says:

        I agree. I am not concerned whether the Democrats won or Repubs lost. People need to get behind the A3P and the A3P should steer clear of siding with either party.

        The A3P is neither left or right, it is pro-white alternative to the two-parties

    • Guest says:

      John, you are obviously thinking about this and examining (like most of us!) the results from Tuesday and early Wednesday morning. Yes, voter fraud matters. It matters a lot. Right now I am easily seeing 50 decisions across the country that are within 2,000 or 3,000 votes. So, so very close. And voter decisions like Michelle Bachmann only winning by such a tiny margin. (Her opponent was a total clod, no poise, no presence. Even a die hard Lib would find him without the presence and poise to do the job.) Voter fraud is rampant in a system so full of holes. I ask you to reconsider your thinking on this. I worked a vote station but only as an observer. I observed easily 4 or 5 cheaters per hour but was thwarted by a weak system here, rules that mean an observer can do practically nothing, and, more to the point, a vote site team that wanted the cheating to occur. They were aiding those who were coming in with false ID, helping them as was evident as these "voters?" no frauds! were unable to verbally state their address of voter registration. It was sick. I was sick to my stomach. These were mostly university aged students doing this with a brazen attitude of "you cannot catch me, you cannot do anything to me." They were voting with falsified documents or ID in my state where our ID rules for voting are so weak.

  5. rembo says:

    what a pack of aholes here

  6. Help says:

    What is the possibility of getting an early start for the next election?

    The A3P doesn't really have the resources or the popularity to wait around until just a year before election and think people will get behind it. The A3P has to get a head start and find the best possible candidates for 2016.