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US Columbia Student Slandered as Racist After Saying “I Love White People”

Physics student Julian von Abele, 21, was recently accused of being racist in a wide range of American media. “I love white people!,” he says in a short video that received great attention.

The clip is from a heated exchange that Julian, who at the time seems to have been somewhat energized, had with a group of aggressive leftists at Columbia University in New York.

“Europeans built the modern world. We invented science and industry and you want to tell us to stop because, ‘Oh my God, we’re so bad’,” he continues.

In mainstream media he is described as a “racist” who, completely unprovoked, “harassed” the other students – even though he clearly states that he hates no other groups. This has also led Columbia University’s management to initiate an investigation of him.

It all began when the left-wing group accused Trump supporters of encouraging sexual violence.

“A large group of students gathered around me and told me that I had no right to share my views on women as I’m a white male with ‘white privilege’.”

“I believe that every single person should love themselves and love their culture, and we should all be allowed to be proud of our heritage,” he says.

Julian von Abele is described as a young genius, who already in 2015, despite his young age, published an advanced physics book on parallel universes.

On Wednesday, he started an account on Twitter – and got over 10.000 followers in just 10 hours. Thousands of users have supported him with encouraging comments.

“I am standing strong and I am not backing down,” he tweets and promises more posts shortly.

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