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US Trying to Brainwash Estonians About the “Benefits of Diversity” and “Multicultural Society”

From a WIKILEAKS Report:

Estonia is a tiny homogeneous white nation, which is intolerable. Therefore, the SPLC was called in.

A Wikileaks document reveals that the US embassy in Estonia has been used as part of a political game to force Estonian people to accept the “benefits of diversity.” They are especially targeting school children, and members of Estonia’s government.

“While Estonia’s minority population of non-European descent is tiny,” the leaked US embassy document says “membership in the EU, rapid economic growth, growing tourism, and declining birthrates will increase immigration pressure and potentially lead to an increase in the number of racial minorities…”


According to the document, Estonia’s current “Integration Action Plan” was not good enough because it is only intended for Estonian and Russian communities.

It said the government should “include initiatives designed to address integration of new, and non-European, arrivals.”

In addition to this, “Estonian authorities ought to add the teaching of the benefits of diversity and living in a multicultural society in school programs.”
It also said Estonian authorities must “provide support for the Press Council of Estonia and the Estonian Newspaper Association” so that journalists can be “trained” to talk about “issues related to racism and racial discrimination.”

“With special funding secured from State/EUR, the [American embassy in Estonia] is providing $4,000 for the Tartu Black Nights Film Festival to screen U.S. films on the theme of cultural and racial tolerance.”
“We hope that this film festival – run by Estonians for Estonians – will help generate widespread public discussion on the issues of tolerance and diversity.”

Why must Estonia be ready for immigration? It’s just a tiny country when compared to others on a map.
Africa has loads of undeveloped land but not enough experts to develop it . . . maybe Africa should be ready for a massive scale of Chinese and Western immigration?

Ah, but you see immigration does not work that way. Africa is for Africans. Asia is for Asians. And the West is for everyone!

It’s called White genocide. It is a deliberate agenda to wipe out White people. That’s what “diversity” means – no Whites.

Source Report Here

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