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Waltzing To Gomorrah

By Adrian Krieg | America is fast approaching the state of no return, if we have not already passed it, the stage where government is free to do anything it likes, and in which the citizens may only act with permission from government.

The Sheeple are restless, the Lamestream is clueless, and Disneyworld on the Potomac is run by AIPAC. We’re all quickly waltzing to Gomorrah lead by our pied-piper president, with his herding dogs the progressives, lead by Dingy Harry.

The endless list of continuous administration failures not-with-standing an American decline is made, the only reaming question is; will my published prediction of 2,000, “July 4th 2016 the Last Independence Day”[1] come to fruition as promised?

As of today the world is consumed by 62 nations involved in wars and 549 separate militias-guerilla and separatist groups causing havoc. Major conflicts that directly impact America are ongoing in Algeria, Angola, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt that is now a military dictatorship, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Libya, and were only up to the l’s. Some of these conflicts are religious and very dangerous. The developing Caliphate comprising part of Syria, and Iraq is a threat to the entire Muslim and Christian world, it is backed by our ally Saudi Arabia and the Emirates through the Wahhabi Sunni religious sect, which would like nothing better that an entire Middle East Caliphate.[2]

The situation with our southern border with Mexico is a president made catastrophe, when he in 2012 granted amnesty to illegal children who were to offspring of illegal immigrants most of whom were not born in America. The Mexican drug cartels that have been provided guns and ammo by our AG’s orchestrated Fast and Furious[3] cartel operation were quick to use the granted amnesty as a way to overload America’s border patrols with minors, turning the entitle border patrol into wet nurses. This has basically left the rest of the border unprotected allowing the drug cartels to expand their drug business; prostitution business and people transport business.

The IRS scandal seems endless, we now know after two years of stonewalling by a score of lying fired IRS commissioners, that this scandal is huge. Certainly the FEC[4] was more than just involved along with the Department of Justice and the White House. The IRS illegally transferred entire dossiers’ of personal information on conservatives and church groups to various agencies, an act punishable by fine as well as imprisonment, they were felonies’.

HourglassThe CIA was spying on the congressional committee in charge of oversight of the CIA, and the commissioner of the CIA Walter Brennan who has consistently lied to the American people and specifically to congress, a felons, is just one of a very long list of liars in Washington.
Benghazi also appears an endless quagmire, with the administration, the promised most open in American history, has tried to bury for two years. It will be the undoing of Hillary Clinton the liar who was responsible for the entire situation. Her continuous claims that she was not involved and that all decisions were made by subordinates without her knowledge indicates one of two things, either she is the worst administrator in history or she is a liar. The progressives whose darling she is, are pulling all the stops in her protection, the truth will come out and she will be toast.
The Mexican government obviously in collusion with Honduran, El Salvador and Guatemalan governments are jointly facilitating the drug cartels in their people smuggling business. The Government has done nothing to stop it.

While we have only listed major events due to space requirement of our publishers, it is a factual statement that the world is in a mess, illegal immigrants swamp America, our economy is in shambles, employment in numbers of private sector jobs is lower than it was in 2008, middle class income has fallen by over 10 % since Obama took office, government debt is the highest in our history, and all we get for Disneyworld on the Potomac is smoke and mirrors. Harry Reid has blocked up 352 House passed bills, 2/3rds passed with bi-partisan support refusing to allow the Senate to vote on any of them. The obvious response is why? The retort is simple they are legislation that he and the president oppose for purely political reasons and both Reid and Obama place politics miles before the nations benefit. Over half of them would pass in the Senate.

While all this transpires our president spends the bulk of his time fundraising at super PAC’s. The very venue’ he promised in 2012 not to use. In LA last week it was a $32,400 plate dinner at the home of Shonda Rhimes a Hollywood TV producer. For just $ 10,000 you can forego the dinner and niceties but have your picture taken with El Supremo. And we thought it was the Republicans that had all the money, it is one of the few places where you can pay over 30 grand and get a lecture on the need to increase the minimum wage. Same story is repeated in Seattle and a visit to Costco’s CEO, and then on to SF. But all this spans only one week, unfortunately for America it was a very busy week in international affairs, which were just overlooked. This week, beginning of August he’s on vacation again, what with all that strenuous fundraising he needed another vacation. Let’s give El Supremo a break he has only played 178 rounds of golf in six years, why that’s only 890 hours about 22 days of golf, aside that are the family vacations that cost taxpayers $1.4 billion in six years. This is a record for presidential travel. Records were stonewalled for some time; they were only released in March of 2014 under court orders. Between golf, vacations, and fundraisers there is hardly any time left to run the country, something that has become very obvious of late.

  1. ISBN 0-87319-047-5 Hallberg Pub. 2000, only from A2Z Publications
  2. The Caliphate traces its roots to Salah al din (Saladin) the Kurdish Islamist ruler who expelled the Crusaders from the Levant in the 11th century.
  3. BATF & FBI run gun smuggling operation to Mexico administered by the Department of Justice, about which Eric Holder lied to congress and was censured.
  4. Federal Elections commission previous employer of Lois Lerner, with lot’s of correspondence between the IRS & FEC

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