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“We Are Witnessing a Straight-out Genocide [of White Farmers in South Africa],” says Ann Coulter

“…and if Trump doesn’t keep his promises on immigration then in about two generations that’s going to be the United States of America. We are seeing a genocide [in South Africa], and if we are going to take any refugees, it seems to me it ought to be particularly these white farmers who are being chosen and killed in really horrible ways…they’re not just going in and shooting them point blank…they’re boiling people to death, just really sick, sick tortures…We are witnessing a straight-out genocide…[The Boers are] a culture that will be gone; if we care about animal species going extinct, we ought to care about a human culture going extinct, and we don’t have much time left.”

At last the nauseatingly brutal horrors (followed by death) that have been committed against hundreds of white farmers in South Africa over the last many years are reaching the consciousness of white Americans via the internet (certainly not via “mainstream” news!)

If you Google to find out just what those horrors are and have been, you may wish very strongly that you hadn’t.

Reassurances that the outlook for white farmers would be rosy in the years ahead were given a few years ago by Julius Malema, former president of the African National Congress (ANC) Youth League and present leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) political party, and Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, national spokesman for the EFF:

Those anti-white leaders and their followers base their comfort with White Genocide on the lie that their forebears occupied the land that is presently the state of South Africa when whites first arrived there.

Throughout the white world today, the unending stream of such justifications for White Genocide (as if there can ever be a justification for genocide) keeps a large industry of anti-white “intellectuals” in rich clover.
The White Genocide that’s being carried out in majority-white countries today is being carried out by flooding those countries with millions of non-whites and forcing assimilation of whites with those non-whites through laws and propaganda, which will result in whites being inter-bred out of existence or reduced to a very small number.
But as Queen Ann, or “Iron Ann” as some pro-whites are calling her this morning(!), points out in the video above, as majority-white countries become minority-white countries, like South Africa is today, there is no reason to think that the hatred of whites that is being preached world-wide today won’t cause the South African style of White Genocide to catch up with the immigration-and-assimilation style of White Genocide.

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