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Westerners Fight in the Middle East While Refugees Sit and Drink Coffee

Poland’s foreign minister proposes forming army out of the Syrian men arriving in Europe.

The idea of an army of migrants also made sense, the minister Witold Waszczykowski said, because Poland could ill-afford to send its troops to the Middle East.

Poland’s new foreign minister has proposed forming an army out of the Syrian men arriving in Europe which could then return to their homeland to fight for freedom.

Witold Waszczykowski said it would be better to send them rather than for Poland to send troops to the Middle East that were needed to “guard the borders” at home.

Polish Ambassador

“If there are hundreds of thousands of young Syrians coming to Europe then we can create an army,” said Mr Waszczykowski during an interview for TVP, Poland’s public broadcaster. “Can you imagine a situation when we send an army to fight in Syria while hundreds of thousands of Syrians sit and drink coffee on Berlin’s Unter den Linden and watch us fight for their safety?

“They can go to fight to liberate their country with our help,” continued the minister, who took office on Monday following the victory of his conservative Law and Justice party in last month’s Polish general election.

The idea of an army of migrants also made sense, the minister explained, because Poland could ill-afford to send its troops to the Middle East. He said the Polish army was needed at home to guard the eastern border in case the Ukraine war flared up again and there was threat to national security.

Taking a sceptical stance on the motives behind Syrians coming to Europe Mr Waszczykowski also added that the “young men disembark from their rubber dinghies with iPad in hand and instead of asking for drink or food, they ask where they can charge their cell-phones.”

In the wake of the Paris attacks the minister said that Poland would now vet all asylum applicants for security threats and any “shadow on their CVs” will result in their claims being rejected.end

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