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White Appreciation Day?

By Nathan Damigo | Another heroic pro-White restaurant owner named Edgar Antillon became the center of public attention with what should have been an uncontroversial store policy of making the 11th of June a day for appreciating White people. Antillion, an Hispanic man, said in an interview with KUSA that since there were months celebrating both Black and Hispanics, he felt compelled to set aside one day for White Appreciation by offering a 10% discount for White patrons. Since that time Antillon has been harassed by a barrage of anti-White bigotry and even had to evacuate his store due to a terrorist bomb threat. The Hispanic restaurant owner who plans to hold “White Appreciation Day” now says a 10% discount will extend to all but points out that he is not backing down.

“We’re not backtracking, we’re not clarifying anything. This was the intention from the beginning.”

White Appreciation Day

A local “anti-racist” activist named Ricardo Romero who also appears in the interview by KUSA says that Antillion is “perpetuating racism.” [What about “Ladies Night” at the local taverns? Is this perpetuating sexism?] This use of anti-White hate speech against anyone who is remotely pro-White has persisted as the main tactic used by “anti-racist” activists in order to intimidate Whites and their supporters. What is so sinister about anti-White hate speech is that it is always packaged with an appearance of moral superiority, but these anti-Whites aren’t fooling us any longer.

Even though he insists the everyone is included, Antillon again defended the idea behind “White Appreciation Day.”

“We need to end the white guilt because they’re included in this American history and they should be included just like everybody else,” Antillon said.

Antillon is the second restaurant owner to come out in support of the White community. Just two months ago Jim Boggess (below), a deli owner in Flemington, New Jersey put up a sign celebrating March as White History Month that has been gaining increasing popularity over the years. As a result he too was attacked by anti-Whites and was forced out of business. The sign infuriated the race-baiting leftists.

Jim Boggess, a deli owner

The hashtag #whiteappreciationday was trending on twitter today in support of Antillion and his pro-White store policy. There were also many anti-Whites on the thread exposing themselves for the bigots that they are.

[Source: National Youth Front (with permission)]

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