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Whites Are the New Victim Class – Let’s Act Like It

By Carolyn Yeager:

The Barnes Review is publishing as a book the Ein Anderer Hitler articles that appeared in it’s magazine from 2008 to 2011. This is the memoir of Hermann Giesler, architect and confidant of Adolf Hitler, which is available only in German. The English translation of selected chapters done by Wilhelm L. Kriessmann and me (Carolyn Yeager) is still the only one in existence, as far as I can discover.

When put all together, as I’m seeing in the galley proofs, the impact of Giesler’s vision of the time in question (as he received it from extensive personal contact with the Fuehrer) becomes far more clear and more powerful to me, as I’m sure it will to careful readers. So I am newly inspired by thoughts and ideas that I want to begin to express in this article.

Victims - Black Crime vs. White Kids

Most people have no idea of how many firsts and exclusives have been accomplished by yours truly because I offer it all up on this personal web site,, for free. Nor do they realize how much is stolen by Internet bloggers who publish it on their own blogs without acknowledgment or even a link back to its source. Just the latest example is César Tort, who published on July 5, 2017 the whole of my copyrighted translation of Hitler’s 1920 speech “Why We are Antisemites” without giving this site credit or asking permission, as requested at the end of the posted speech. Tort is a Hitler enthusiast who uses the German Fuehrer as a model for his own macho brand of male “traditionalist” views.

Adolf Hitler was not a “traditionalist” as more than just Tort have tried to make him out to be. He was instead modern and future-oriented. The party he founded, as we know, was intent on preserving German history, and the national and racial values that bound the Folk together. Germany at that time had been terribly abused by the Allies of WWI and by World Jewry, including being invaded by Jews from the East, mainly Poland, seeking to take advantage of Germany’s weakened state. In order to build itself back, Germans had to assert their pride and nationalist goals strongly once again. This was the work Hitler gave to the NSDAP under his direction.

The population had shrunk, from both the huge losses on the battlefields of the ‘Great War’ and because of the plummeting birth rate due to economic collapse and the resulting takeover of much of the German professional sphere by Jews. Private property of bankrupt Germans was “bought for pennies on the dollar” by avaricious Jewish ‘businessmen’. The remedy: along with Hitler’s economic and social policies there was no choice but that German women bring the birthrate back up. Of course, German men were exhorted to marry and be faithful, breadwinner husbands and fathers. It worked! The German birthrate turned upward. The German economy and German pride revived. A new and positive mood was felt in the country.

Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist comrades were fully aware of the character of Jews vs. the character of Germans. They knew that the idealism and sense of fairness in the German character often resulted in great naïveté and a lack of protective “armor” when dealing with foreigners. They believed that for Germans to thrive they had to be protected from some foreigners, but especially from Jews. They believed that Germans could not succeed when at the mercy of crafty, sly and often crypto Jews whose moral code was of a distinctly different, Oriental origin.

In short, their consensus was that Germans and Jews did not mix; when they did it was to the disadvantage of the German. Therefore, the idea formed that for a renaissance of Germany to take place, Jews must not be allowed to hold influential positions in key sectors, which meant neither should they be citizens. When Hitler took power, he began the changes that would eventually rid the country of its Jewish inhabitants.
Who’s being immoral to whom?

We’re taught, of course, because we live in countries dominated and controlled by Jewish power players that this very idea was the beginning of the greatest criminal undertaking in history—the persecution and genocide of Europe’s Jews. It is therefore said to be an immoral idea. Forgotten, or swept under the rug, is the immorality of what the Jews were doing to Germans, and in Germany. Oh wait—it’s not just swept under the rug but the expression of such ideas as Jewish immorality are legally proscribed in Germany today … thanks to the special influence Jews have gained from the successful elevation of their tribe to the level of greatest victims in world history.

Without a doubt, we are living in our own Weimar Germany and need our own Adolf Hitler to save us from it. Yet all we have to do is what he did—teach the people the nature of the Jew. And teach them, too, the power of their vote to remove Jewish domination and control from their lives. Unfortunately, too many westerners have come to like and respect Jews more than their own folk. They have been successfully indoctrinated by these immoral liars. We have become internationalized.

As with Germans, European folk are not able to hold their own against the cunning tactics of the Jew. This has been shown; the evidence is in. Whites need to be protected from Jews in their own national homelands (including the USA) by a leadership that understands this. Instead of saying we are better than everyone else because we are paying everyone’s bills … we should admit our weaknesses (such as too much altruism and sense of fairness directed outward) and establish barriers and protections for our well-being. When our politicians say “This isn’t who we are”, say “Yes it is!” or “It is now!”

In the USA, our new President Trump is attempting to do this, but he also naturally feels responsible to represent all of the citizenry in what is now unfortunately a multi-racial nation. (This last is thanks to the Jews, of course.) President Trump also has a blind spot when it comes to the Jews, to Israel, and the “crime” of antisemitism they invented. But that is something he shares with our entire Congress, whose blind spot is in most cases bigger than his.

So what to do? Dump him and look for someone else?

No, because in spite of his flaws, Donald Trump sincerely loves White people and this makes him stand out from all those who DO NOT. He’s also in the same White man’s position with the Jews as we are – they play him and trap him into seeing them as friends. But one thing Donald Trump never did was marry a Jew (in three marriages) and conceive Jewish children. His daughter did, the daughter he dotes on, which is a tragic twist on the situation. Still, I believe Trump wants to help White Americans just as Hitler wanted to help Germans.

I continue to believe we need to recognize this and help him, ie. push him and speak out loudly when he veers off in a wrong direction. At bottom he is our friend, but is struggling with powerful forces in the White House, in Washington D.C. and in the media. However, we cannot leave it up to him. We must be far more adamant than we have been. We must INSIST, and noisily so as do our enemies, that our interests be served.
Whites now need to be the protected class.

There is no room for “friendly Jews” or ever seeing any other group (such as Negroes, Mestizos or Muslims) as more dangerous to us than Jews. An alliance with Jews can never work in our favor. We especially have to reject the effort to criminalize “Anti-Semitism” with all our might. This is the most direct threat to our freedom … and in our own land! Jews should be no different than any other minority group. Back in June, I began promoting the theme “Stop Special Treatment for Jews” as a way to draw attention to the core of this problem. I didn’t expect anyone else to pick it up and no one did. Now I want to go a little further with “Whites Need Protection from Jewish Replacement Strategies.” That doesn’t have much of a ring to it (hopefully it can be improved on, like “Protect Whites from Jewish Genocide”) but that is the full idea, which should not be watered down in any way. We must depict ourselves as the victim! We are the victim! Germans did not depict themselves as victims after they were crushed in WWII—it was never in their character to do so, and also they were not allowed to. But they should have!

It’s time we got off the theme of “the superior race” and looked at our situation with clear eyes. It’s time we took more drastic measures. It’s time we realize the alt-right academics that have been mainstays in the White Nationalist movement for so long, are not doing us any good any longer. It’s time to stop reading each new essay they produce on their web sites and instead write emails to the White House, your congressman and senators and let them have your full fury! Politely, of course. And keep it up, even as we attend to our own efforts and alliances. We need to make a lot of noise, and demand accountability from all authorities. We also need to stop making “the unity of all Whites” so important because there is no such thing. In that regard, we need to stop denigrating Hitler and National Socialism because of Poland! Let’s face it, if Adolf Hitler didn’t carry out a planned extermination of 6 million Jews (or anything close to it), he is not responsible for any war crimes worse than those his enemies carried out. War crimes abounded during WWII, on all sides, including by Poles. It’s all bullshit.

We need to take back our country … nothing less. Donald Trump can help us, but the onus is on us and it’s time we recognized it. We could start with putting up a much better campaign against the Charlottesville slander. I am very surprised that it’s been so weak, practically non-existent. Where are the lawsuits against the police and the mayor’s office? Where are the powerful essays denouncing the establishment’s lies? Where is Richard Spencer? He took off for France and hasn’t been seen or heard from since (as far as I know).

Kudos to Occidental Dissent for hunting down the videos revealing Heather Heyer images at the protest and the fact she died of a heart attack, and to the videomakers who examined the uncanny resemblance between Susan Bro and Donna Soto. But where is the follow-up? Honest to God, our “leaders” are depending on Tucker Carlson of Fox News to do the work for them! But Fox will only go so far (not very). Our “academics” are afraid to go anywhere, as usual, that they fear they might be ridiculed for later.

There’s a gold mine of opportunity here. Our people with the technical computer skills should be on it. Are they? Many would rather sit back and trash Trump, it seems, than do any real work themselves.

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