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Whores, Pimps and Enablers!

Dr. A. H. Krieg | With such a proactive title I suspect the reader will want an explanation, something I could hardly disagree with. I am of course not speaking of the world’s oldest profession; rather I speak of our present Republocrat political malaise centered in Disney World on the Potomac. So let me begin by outlining who the Whores are and why they are Whores, I do apologize to all ladies of the night who at least provide a service to their customers. The Whores are the politicians, who are Whores because they are indebted to their providers the Pimps that provide the lubricant mammon that allows the Whores to remain at the trough of perpetual re-elections paid for by the Enablers that are the source of all those funds. So gratuitous are these efforts that the Whores have achieved a re-election rate of 87% as of 2011.

Whores, Pimps and EnablersPerhaps I am somewhat too cryptic. The Pimps are the middlemen — those 15,000 or so lobbyists plying their Payola trade in and about the capitol and “Black House”. Come on now, I am only making an attempt, even if somewhat sarcastic, to be PC. These Pimps also convey to the Whores all legislative proposals, new bills, and demanded paybacks to the Enablers. Things like government contracts, positions in the administration, bureaucratic appointments and such. Every once in a while the Whores are then allowed to attach a rider to one of the legislative boondoggles benefiting their districts, thereby ingratiating themselves to the Fools. I forgot about the Fools, they are the citizens that keep electing the same bunch of Republocrat crooks whose only real skill appears to be fleecing the Fools.

The Enablers, well if you really think about them its in truth easy to identify them, after all how many people have the ability to give away millions upon millions of dollars to the Pimps for properly administered Payola. First off, an Enabler must in his business have extraordinary profits, well not in all cases, but in most. Trial lawyers, Pharmaceuticals, and of course the greatest “Ponzigonifs” of all, the “Banksters”. We should not forget all those wonderful companies bailed out by “Uncle”, you know Government Motors, AIG, Solyndra, and Chrysler and such that contributed well over $20 million to the Whores after they were bailed out. If they used bailout funds of others has not to date been postulated.

There is another sort of Enabler a very bad sort. These are organizations that operate as “bundlers” for social, religious, and politically motivated groups of people. Outfits like AIPAC whose mostly dual national membership funnels foreign aid back to America as campaign contributions for candidates of their persuasion. Others like SPLC have a more sinister purpose, which is to denigrate with false propaganda anyone opposed to their plans. Outfits like SPLC couldn’t even qualify as Whores it would be an insult to a profession that provides a service. When it reaches the point that is already upon us, where Uncle becomes a major business partner with organizations like SPLC by providing them contracts, it gets downright odious. An interesting side-note to this is that an examination of SPLC Internet sites lists lots of so called “Hate Groups” most of which have been imagined, invented, or more often falsely accused by SPLC to further their objective of getting more government contracts exposing invented hate groups. Some of the so-called hate groups by SPLC have one or two members.

Think about these things before you again step into a voting booth.

Dr. Adrian KriegDr. Krieg is on the board of directors of A3P American Third Position Party. Adrian Krieg was born in St. Gallen Switzerland. He attended HS Pembroke Academy (Suncook NH) class valedictorian. He also attended Elmhurst College, University of Mexico (San Miguel De Allende campus). Dr. Krieg is a certified Manufacturing Engineer. (CMFGE) U.S. Army Message center, Bi-lingual communications, served with nuclear artillery in Germany top-secret clearance. World University Cultural doctorate in Manufacturing Science. Dr. Krieg holds many U.S. Patents. Presently he is Co-Chair Political Science Department World University Roundtable.

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