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Why Don’t Rich Arab Countries Accept Muslim Refugees?

Because they don’t want them as permanent residents.

Foreign workers are fine so long as they’re productively working, improving the economic of the country, and will go home when their contracts are up.

Foreign residents, however, tend to bring their own cultural and political baggage with them. These countries are already struggling to deal with modernization and political/social reform, so they don’t need anybody else’s crap piled on top.

the Idiot West is only too happy to help.

“There are currently 17 countries participating in the Syria resettlement/ Humanitarian Admission Programme efforts. The countries that have made specific pledges are Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. In addition, France and the USA are participating, but have not yet provided specific numbers.”

Refugee Chart

Even foreign workers can be a pain, as was shown during the 1991 Gulf War. Palestinian and Yemini workers were expelled from several of these states because their home governments came out in support of Iraq, contrary to the politics of their host governments’ policies.

With foreign workers, you can just cancel their visas and send them home. If you’ve accepted people as immigrants, you can’t chuck them out when they prove to be a headache.

SYRIAN MUSLIMS sue Japan for not taking them in as refugees

Why aren’t they suing Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and all the other filthy-rich Arab Gulf states that aren’t taking in their fellow Muslims as refugees either?

Japan has been severely criticized for not taking in asylum seekers, especially Muslim asylum seekers, even though they nearly doubled the number of refugees they accepted last year – 11. How many have Saudi Arabia and Kuwait taken in, despite their huge oil wealth – practically none.

While Japan spends a fortune on foreign aid to Muslim states, it doesn’t take in Muslim refugees, and for good reason.

Out of 5,000 applications. Japan has yet to grant asylum to a single Syrian, presumably because it isn’t looking for welfare scrounger who kill and rape in their spare time. But the Syrians aren’t taking it lying down.

AROUND 9 million people have fled their homes in Syria. Over 3 million have taken refuge in neighbouring countries. But thousands more have fanned out across the world, some to as far away as Japan. There, they have found the drawbridge up. The world’s third-largest economy has yet to grant asylum to a single Syrian.

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