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Why You Should Join

“What will you do without FREEDOM?”

That’s the question the American Freedom Party is asking Americans as a high-tech police and surveillance state continues to be built at a breakneck pace in our former Land of Liberty.

In the ongoing struggle in the U.S. between those who cherish freedom and the powerful forces attempting to enact a totalitarian agenda, there‘s no question about which side the American Freedom Party is on!

Through methodical gradualism over many years, the United States has been plundered morally and economically. The Republican Party is little more than a partner in crime to the Globalism and Cultural Marxism of the Democrats. Both parties support the off-shoring of American industry and labor, open borders, endless wars of aggression all over the world, slavish obedience to Israel and to the “banksters and gangsters” of Wall Street, and many other poisons rotting the nation from within.

The American Freedom Party has a populist, nationalist platform which is guided by the sole principle of supporting what is good for America and Americans. The party rejects the archaic “left-right” and “liberal-conservative” paradigms in favor of an outspoken advocacy of freedom and liberty that rings true to America’s traditional values and way of life.

Among other positions, the American Freedom Party strongly supports the Constitution and the Second Amendment; closing and securing the southern border with Mexico; living in a healthy and moral society that rejects all the “isms” imposed from the top-down upon Americans as if we are guinea pigs; freedom of association, including self-determination for all nations and the right of all races and peoples to celebrate their heritage; greatly reducing the size and scope of the federal government and dismantling its domestic police state and overseas military empire; and rebuilding the American economy and its industrial might and independence.

American Freedom Party

Just two years old, the American Freedom Party got off to a strong start in 2012 by running Merlin Miller as its presidential nominee. A West Point graduate and noted filmmaker, Miller made an outstanding candidate and helped give the fledgling party much-needed name recognition. His running mate was retired Vanderbilt University professor Virginia Deane Abernethy, Ph.D., the noted anthropologist, patriotic writer and activist.

The American Freedom Party intends to become a force in American politics by the election of 2016 if not sooner. Although “third” parties face extremely difficult obstacles in the U.S.’s closed and tightly regulated political system when it comes to ballot access, campaign financing laws and media coverage, it is the only peaceful outlet Americans have left as the Democrats and Republicans have proven conclusively over and over that they are owned – lock, stock and barrel – by the globalist and totalitarian forces ruthlessly plundering America from within.

The hour is late, but America can yet survive and begin to thrive again – if enough Americans act to regain their freedom. The alternative is too bleak to contemplate.

Be on the cutting edge of the movement to liberate America. Support the American Freedom Party!

Learn more about us! Join us!

Joining the American Freedom Party doesn’t affect how you are registered to vote. It is a gesture of support to help the AFP grow and reach more concerned Americans while there is still time.

Change your party allegiance to the American Freedom Party. A Nationalist party that shares the customs and heritage of the European American people. We need a Nationalist Party interested in defending our borders, preserving our language and promoting our culture. The American Freedom Party is not beholden to foreign governments, special interest groups, nor Wall Street. The American Freedom Party is for America First!

The American Freedom Party (AFP)–formerly The American Third Position Party (A3P)–supports the right to keep and bear arms. Emancipate yourself from the anti-Western Democrat and Republican parties. Join a Nationalist Party that puts America first, The American Freedom Party! American Freedom Party

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Comments (13)

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  1. Jordan Harrison Stuart says:

    Is anyone there? I have one question.

  2. Rudolf says:

    I’m stuck between joining the AFP or the NSM88. Why should I pick the AFP over them? If I could afford it, I would support both…

  3. Stuart says:

    You’re failing to address the VOTE FRAUD issue, which is even more glaring with the computerized “voting” machines. Until this system is corrected, VOTING IS A WASTE OF TIME. You need to stop hiding from the bitter truth; stop acting as ivory tower intellectuals and start organizing: see libertytreeradio on Youtube and their site program, “The Intel Report” and start organizing to defend against the storm that is approaching (and may hit Connecticut any day now).

  4. Guest says:

    So are you pro white or just focusing on some ambiguous freedoms?

    • American3P says:

      We are nationalists. We believe the government discriminates against European Americans and we represent those who are discriminated against and marginalized. We believe in America First! You can read our platfor information on the web site.

      • guest says:

        It's important to recognize what options are out there, and not just have a mantra. Activism isn't really all that effective. Having protest rallies, books, and memberships is not going to attract anyone new. You should focus on those who have been affected most by the discrimination toward Whites. If you are trying to be a political party, it will be very hard to get anywhere in the US. Politicians say a lot of words, and have a lot of sayings. But right now, the US is being torn apart and your political party isn't doing anything.

  5. Peter Hart says:

    I am a Canadian. I know what you will be without freedom.

  6. Harry Bertram says:

    The point is simple take action join the party and help us grow.

    Talking about it is not going to get the job done.

    It is time to become part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.

  7. Jeffrey Brooks says:

    We should make it our job to rescue our people from homeless conditions, get them back on their feet and healthy, rebuild their morale, and help them find employment. Let us Not depend on the government to do this for us! This is good policy for our heart, helping our people, and can only strengthen us over the long term.

    We might re invent our version of the old YMCA.. A Hostel with small basic rooms & cots, showers, lockers, gym and lounge, pay phones and internet, and a staff to run things..
    We could call it AHHA, American Hostel and Health Association, nice and innocuous, let our homeless and unemployed rent rooms for nominal rent, and give us a local community center.

    anyway just a few thoughts, thanks for reading

  8. fnn says:

    Good comment on isteve:
    “I used to be confused at why all the supposedly conservative corporate titans who sit on the board of regents for major universities are so allowing of all the radical revolutionary pedagogy that takes place in the departments of sociology, women's studies, Afro studies, etc. It finally dawned on me – the CEOs are not only aware of Angela Davis and Bill Ayres being professors, they encourage it.”

    No shit, Sherlock. Anyone who has ever interacted with senior executives at large corporations could tell you that they are 99% true believers in multi-culturalism etc. and generally bad, greedy people who are obsessed with being conformist. They are the people you avoid your whole life because they have no personalities, are incredibly boring and intellectually incurious to degree that is rare in people with any degree of intelligence and use everyone they come in contact with.

    When Chinese scholars write about the extinction of the white race centuries from now, they will note the large role that those curious things called “corporations” had in it.

    The corporation is symbolic of everything that is wrong with whites. That why the leader of the evil whites in the Minoriteam cartoon was not a man, but a corporation.

    Thus, the GOP, totally captive to corporate and Jewish interests, must be left to rot. The best idea must be to start organizing on the local level based on concrete quality-of-life issues and then work for proportional representation and/or STV.

    • Jeffrey Brooks says:

      I happen to agree we need to get to grass roots and do our own type of community building.
      There are real issues in the discriminatory laws and regulations hobbling white male education, business, and job opportunities. We can organize a campaign to fight for equal treatment.

  9. Stuart says:

    WHY YOU SHOULDN’T VOTE: The electoral process as it stands now is a total fraud due to the fact that the computerized voting machines are privately programmed with no oversight/transparency. Add to this the need to count the vote at the local level.