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Will A White Supremacist Please Step Forward?

The demand for white supremacists vastly exceeds the supply, which is why we see absurdities like the controversy over military academy students supposedly flashing “white power” signs at the Army-Navy football game. Now, apparently, the age-old “OK” sign means you are a white nationalist, notwithstanding that there are pictures of pretty much everyone in public life giving the sign, like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and nearly everyone else.

Obama OK

Or maybe it only means white supremacy if you give the OK sign upside down. Who decreed this? Who knows? Apparently some goofballs on an obscure site called 4chan invented the idea that the OK sign (or maybe the upside-down OK sign) stands for white supremacy, as a joke. Sort of like Putin’s putzing with the 2016 election, they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. And for the same reason: As silly as their effort was, there was an enormous will to believe within the Democratic Party media.

Obama White Power

To no one’s surprise, two investigations have concluded that the midshipmen and cadets who flashed the “OK” sign were not expressing white nationalist views, but rather were playing “the circle game.” Which sounds dumb, but so what?

Of course, that doesn’t mean that “OK” hysteria has gone away. On the contrary: School Spends $53K to Reprint Yearbooks Because Students of ‘Various Races’ Made ‘OK’ Sign.

A high school in the Chicago suburbs is reprinting its 2018-2019 yearbooks at a cost of more than $50,000 after school officials spotted photos of students making “OK” hand gestures.

The use of the “OK” sign has been tied to white supremacist movements in recent years, though the relevance of the connection is often unclear.

That’s putting it mildly! The “tie,” as far as I know, is solely via the 4chan prank.

Oak Park River Forest High School, located in the prototypically “limousine liberal” town of Oak Park, will shell out $53,794, negotiated down from $85,000, for the new mementos. According to a letter seen by INSIDER, the yearbook contained 18 photos in which an “upside-down OK sign” was performed by students.

This is all craziness, of course, but it is craziness with a purpose. The Left is desperate to keep its racism narratives alive, no matter how threadbare they may be. Thus we see the New York Times’ ridiculous “1619 Project,” which recasts American history in a way that no respectable historian would countenance. Does that bother the Times? Not at all. The goal is political, and is focused especially on the 2020 presidential race.

Likewise with the “OK” sign. I don’t have a high opinion of the intelligence of the average liberal, but even Democratic Party reporters are not dumb enough to take seriously the idea that Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and the many millions more who have given the “OK” sign are closet white supremacists. So what is going on here?

Obviously, as noted above, the demand for white supremacists vastly exceeds the supply. It is vital to the Left’s narrative that white racism be alive and well–in fact, that it be an ever-increasing threat. But, obviously, it isn’t. If there were real evidence of a white supremacist movement (as opposed to one guy named Spencer who invariably is mentioned when the topic comes up), Democrats would cite that evidence.

But there isn’t any. I, personally, know hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people, but as far as I know I have never yet met a white supremacist. So the Democrats are reduced to whipping up enthusiasm among their voters, especially minority voters, with moronic attacks on Academy cadets and midshipmen and high school students. Are black and other minority Americans dumb enough to fall for this transparent ruse? I doubt it.

One thing we can say for sure: white supremacism has declined a long way from the days when it was the lifeblood of the Democratic Party, and Democrats expressed their racist views by hanging people. How much more peaceful it would have been if someone had taught the Democrats the “OK” sign!

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